Le Coq sportif threatens to sue Etoo fils and Fecafoot

Le Coq sportif threatens to sue Etoo fils and Fecafoot

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July 12, 2022 0

Le Coq sportif threatens to sue Etoo fils and Fecafoot

The French equipment manufacturer has been seeing red since July 6. Despite his letter inviting Samuel Eto’o to review his copy, the Cameroon Football Federation has moved up a gear by launching an international call for tenders. Except in cases of force majeure, there will be no rooster on the Indomitable Lions jersey in Qatar.

This situation is unbearable for the managers of the French company which has dressed the players of the national football teams of Cameroon until now. In a new letter dated July 11, 2022, the president of Le Coq sportif, Marc-Henri Beausire, denounces the methods of Samuel Eto’o. His attempts to get in direct contact with the president of Fecafoot are in vain.

“All of our efforts have unfortunately been in vain since, for any response, you have chosen to communicate your desire to end our collaboration through the press. This attitude is absolutely not in line with the spirit of our partnership,” he laments.

At Le Coq sportif, the tone is rising. The French company now accuses the president of Fecafoot of using maneuvers to secure the services of another equipment manufacturer at a lower cost.

“As already mentioned, we remind you once that we have not failed in any of the commitments that have been incumbent on us as FECAFOOT’s equipment supplier for more than three years and that, unless this maneuver has intended to engage you at a lower cost with a competing equipment manufacturer a few months before the 2022 Football World Cup (which your call for tenders of last July 06 suggests), absolutely nothing justified this termination, especially more than FECAFOOT does not currently hold any claim against us,” wrote the president of Le Coq Sportif in his letter.

Legal proceedings

Le Coq sportif does not intend to lose its juicy contract with Fecafoot a few months from the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Overwhelmed by the attitude of Samuel Eto’o, the company threatens to initiate legal proceedings against Fecafoot .

“Failing this, we inform you that we have already mandated our usual counsel to initiate all legal proceedings, allowing us to obtain compensation for the damage suffered, which unfortunately will have significant consequences for FECAFOOT”, writes the equipment manufacturer.
As if that were not enough, Le Coq Sportif brandishes the threat of suing any equipment supplier who dares to dress Cameroon. “In this sense, we also draw your attention to the fact that in the event that any third party, and in particular any equipment supplier, were to infringe the rights of which we are holders, we would not fail to immediately initiate any proceedings legal action against him,” said the president of Le Coq Sportif.


For his part, Samuel Eto’o remains impervious to the tears of his equipment supplier. Fecafoot says it wants a company that respects its commitments and which will promote the “Indomitable Lions of Cameroon” brand.


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