Le Coq Sportif inflicts another humiliation on Eto’o and presents the official jersey of the Lions

Le Coq Sportif inflicts another humiliation on Eto’o and presents the official jersey of the Lions

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September 19, 2022 0

Le Coq Sportif inflicts another humiliation on Eto’o and presents the official jersey of the Lions

The jersey has been unveiled

• Players will take photos during the week

• The promotion phase will soon be launched

This is new information revealed after the visit of the strong delegation to the civil cabinet of the Republic.

Marc Henri Beausire accompanied by Yannick Noah and other personalities were received by Mvondo Ayolo.

After the meeting with the Cameroonian authorities, Le coq sportif would have presented its official jersey for the Indomitable Lions for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. It is Shance Lion who reveals the information on his Facebook page.

It is already announced, according to some indiscretions, that national team players should take photos this week for the promotion of the new shirt. The equipment manufacturer should also make the information official in the coming days, we learned from the editorial staff of scop4.com.

It should be remembered that legal proceedings were opened in Paris this week against Fécafoot for wrongful breach of contract with the French equipment manufacturer Le Coq Sportif.

The promotion phase will soon be launched

Coq sportif: the question of the French magistrate who knocked out Eto’o and the lawyers of Fecafoot this Thursday in Paris

The editorial staff of camerounweb announced this Thursday a possible reversal of the situation in the case Coq Sportif – Fecafoot.

A new legal procedure opens in Paris within the framework of the breach of the contract between le coq sportif and Fecafoot. This new legal procedure follows the passage of a French delegation led by the boss of the French company, Marc Henri Beausire in Yaoundé. He had been received by Minister Mouelle Kombi and the Director of the Civil Cabinet, Mvondo Ayolo. The equipment manufacturer has expressed its availability to always accompany the indomitable lions, even if FECAFOOT indicates that it has definitively turned the page.

A proposal was also made to Etoudi by the equipment manufacturer, this one particularly concerns the field of cotton in Cameroon.

Indeed, according to the various reactions and especially that of the political scientist journalist Boris Bertolt, the Cameroonian football federation could reconsider its decision to breach its contract with the French equipment manufacturer.

This Thursday, September 15, the hearing was held at the Paris Commercial Court. It is also indicated that Fecafoot would be willing to settle the dispute amicably with Le Coq Sportif.

The information has not yet been confirmed by the football governing body. The only thing we have confirmed for now is that the hearing took place. The lawyers of the equipment manufacturer Coq Sportif, those of FECAFOOT, including Me Florian Mbayen-Hegba, took part in the discussions.

We also learn that the General Manager of Le Coq Sportif, Marc-Henri Beausire and Samuel Eto’o Fils, the president of FECAFOOT were also present at this hearing but the two bosses followed the legal proceedings by videoconference.

The procedure lasted almost an hour. But this one will finally be postponed until next week, especially next Friday.

The reason is simple, the lawyers of the Cameroon Football Federation have said yes to an amicable settlement.

A strategic question was put to the lawyers of Fecafoot in front of Samuel Eto’o: “Are you ready for a conciliation?

To this question from the French magistrate, the lawyers of FECAFOOT answered without hesitation with a YES.

“It was then that the judge fixed a next hearing next Friday. Both parties are invited to come with their proposals for an amicable settlement. One thing is therefore certain today: either the indomitable lions will go to the world with Coq Sportif, or FECAFOOT will have to pay several billion CFA francs in damages. For experts, the amount of damages could make FECAFOOT loss-making over several years. The figure of 10 billion is advanced, ”wrote Boris Bertolt.

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