Lady Ponce: a call for applications launched to find her a man

Lady Ponce: a call for applications launched to find her a man

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June 5, 2022 0

Lady Ponce: a call for applications launched to find her a man

– Lady Ponce may be getting back together soon

– Her colleague Mani Bella has decided to find her a new partner

– A call for applications is launched

The artist Mani Bella has opened this Saturday, a call for applications, to find a man to his sister Lady Ponce. The applications are therefore open.

“My sister LADY PONCE, Please…What category are you in these days ma’a? Single or married? As the international mayor of Facebook I decided this morning to put all my single bikutsi sisters and brothers in couples…If your heart is still available please tell me. Thank you…”, reads a publication of Mani Bella.

A few years ago, Lady Ponce had cheated on her husband! The information revealed by the husband had made the rounds of social networks. Lady Ponce, overwhelmed, comes out today from her reserve and carries the charge: “Adultery in what? Aloys and I are no longer together for a while and he knows it. We do not live together anymore and to my knowledge we had made an amicable separation while waiting for the divorce to be pronounced (sic)”.

The future ex-spouses had decided to announce their separation later “so as not to undermine my Concert at the Olympia in Paris” says Lady Ponce.

Then charge evidence to support, Lady Ponce counter-attacks

Lady Ponce does not deny her infidelities. She indirectly indicates that the story of her extramarital affairs told this weekend by her husband is born since last year. But, how did Aloys managed to intercept the sulphurous conversations between Lady Ponce and her new Greek lovers Belobo and Raphael Abouem?

Lady has her own idea: “With so many machiavellian machinations of him against me, I was surprised to see him come to my house during my last interview with Pascal Pierre about the Olympia, where I almost kicked him out in front of my guests. It was at these moments that he took the opportunity to search my cell phones”.

She mentions: “You’ll see that these phone exchanges are from 2019 and I see that he is capable of anything since he still added cut and paste. In short, I will not spend my time on it, I have not been educated to talk about my private life”.

Then the recidivist

Now divorced in first marriage from the mother of his three sons, Aloys had not failed to expose his difficulties as a couple as is again the case with Lady Ponce who revives memories: “If he could expose in the past the mother of his own children like that, how many times I Lady Ponce to whom he wants to compete in the media. Okay I am a witch and a whore but I have a job that you all know. God Cyclone is an artist? He sings too? In short, I am not surprised, but yes I am ashamed for me, my children and my family.

The rupture is consumed

The Cameroonian artist unleashes his anger: “I am a woman scorned, betrayed and dragged in the mud by a husband who makes me live only in lies, without income and does not want to work and still dreaming of a last “Mougou” to hit in “Feymanie”.

The cuckolded husband would be taking revenge: “I see in him a fierce desire to sabotage my concert at the Olympia and to personally harm me and my staff on this project” says Lady Ponce.

Lady Ponce does not intend to go back on her decision to leave the man she married 18 months ago: “he is irredeemable and I even feel an icy chill on my back when you call him husband again. I had already blocked him everywhere from all my phones before his Direct in social networks. Even after his Direct where he calls me a witch and a whore, why is he still looking for me? I take this opportunity to tell him to stop harassing me through my friends and family.

He even scares my children. So he has to stop before something bad happens, these things don’t just happen to others. This is a cry of alarm. My lawyer will contact him if administrative need arises.” Lady Ponce expressed herself this way this Monday in an interview granted to our confrere of DEIDO BOY MAGAZINE from Paris in France where she lives the confinement that generates the sanitary crisis of the Coronavirus.

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