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Kumba and Texas: two cities, one destiny horror!

Kumba and Texas: two cities, one destiny horror!

N Melo
by N Melo
May 28, 2022 0

Kumba and Texas: two cities, one destiny horror!

21 people were shot dead by a common 18-year-old criminal

Texas experienced horror in a school 3 days ago. 21 people were killed by a common 18-year-old criminal, including 19 children and two teachers. This scene is similar to the one that took place in a public school in Kumba, Cameroon. Why accommodate the sponsors of the crimes of Cameroon and repress those of the victims of the USA?

A man opened fire last Wednesday in a school in Olvades, Texas, killing 21 people, including 19 young schoolchildren. This situation has plunged the United States into consternation and indignation to the point of calling into question one of the fundamental laws concerning the carrying of arms in the country of Uncle Sam. This situation, which is recurrent in the USA, has already caused several dozen thousands of deaths. In 2018, the USA broke the record with more than 30,000 deaths from shootings and other police blunders. And it continues. The American President is announced Sunday in Ovaldes. The presumed culprit was shot without further procedure.

This massacre in a school in Texas is enough of a reminder of the tragic events of Kumba in South West Cameroon in October 2020. Common criminals saw fit to attack the students of a private school for inexplicable reasons. On the tile 7 children killed. Cameroon at that time, like the USA lately, was plunged into tears and dismay. Curiously, the Western world, in the forefront of which the Usa, was struck by a complicit and understandable silence. Those who sponsored these horrors live in peace in several Western countries: the USA, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Canada, France and certain countries such as Switzerland despite the international arrest warrants issued against them. by the Cameroonian authorities.

It is in such circumstances that it makes sense to ask certain questions of the American people. When he is in pain he can better understand the pain of others in such circumstances. 19 families have lost their children who left their homes to go and learn at school to ensure the succession of the great country that is the USA. For stupid reasons an individual will savagely tear them from life and then a third State would come to find fallacious reasons for this or these vulgar criminals. Sure and certain that the USA would attack the latter militarily or decide on economic sanctions. But the USA can afford it, yes they can afford to host sponsors of the horrors of

We can therefore only wait for such a moment to tell the parents of the families of the victims to ask the USA to extradite the similar criminals of their children who reside in their country, yet they sponsor such massacres in Cameroon and in the area. English-speaker.
JesuisKumba and jesuis Texas! Biden extradite the financiers of the horrors of Noso to the countries where they reside!

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