Kribi: children and students embarked on networks of pr33stitution

Kribi: children and students embarked on networks of pr33stitution

N Melo
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January 15, 2022 0

Kribi: children and students embarked on networks of pr33stitution

• Several houses in Kribi recruit children

• They are recruited by pimps

• The situation is worrying according to the authorities

Kribi the seaside town is still being talked about. This time with a scourge that undermines this tourist city and is very dangerous for the students. According to local authorities, most of the furnished houses in the seaside town are homes for pimps. And it’s not the most dangerous. The situation is serious, because it concerns children. During a security meeting coordinated by the prefect of Kribi NOUHOU BELLO, the revelation was made by the intelligence services who say they have mastered the closed places where this activity takes place. The situation is becoming more worrying in Kribi in that it recruits more high school and college students. Several students come out of their houses with the habits of the city, to conceal the outfit at the time of these satanic encounters. Some s’ found there in class attire. According to several sources of information, these pimping networks in Kribi are maintained by unscrupulous personalities. This will certainly make the prefect’s job difficult.

Several elected officials are suspected of holding nightclubs and hotels who maintain these networks. But the administrative authority is determined to do battle with these networks despite the fact that he himself recognizes that the task will be difficult. “It is our duty to put an end to this kind of activity which jeopardizes the future of young people. Whoever is behind it, we’re going to fight hard to save the furniture. We have the means and the determination, ”said a source quoting the prefect of Kribi.

In the big cities of Cameroon, student prostitution networks have developed with the advent of the Internet. A few days ago, a crazy rumor denied by the establishment’s officials announced an orgy network in Issam


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