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Jean Michel Nintcheu wants Fru Ndi Thrown out of the SDF party

Jean Michel Nintcheu wants Fru Ndi Thrown out of the SDF party

N Melo
by N Melo
September 2, 2022 0

Jean Michel Nintcheu wants Fru Ndi Thrown out of the SDF party

This state of affairs emerges from the meeting in Douala on August 20, of the Collective of executives of the “Social democratic front” (SDF), signatories and supporters of the Mbouda declaration on July 25, 2022.

Two major axes have nourished the reflection of this Collective at odds with the Chairman and the 1st Vice-President Joshua Osih. After Mbouda, these executives who are in perfect opposition to the current ideology of the party, very close to the party in power for their taste, constantly call for “a return to the vision of the founding fathers of 1990, that is to say a Front for the struggle for freedoms, democracy and social justice in Cameroon”.

In Douala, it is clear that this Collective headed by the regional president of the SDF in the Littoral, Jean Michel Nintcheu, is beginning to mark its territory, a sort of call for the ball to the camp opposite on the ground of the report of strength. On reading the press release, on the first axis which deals with the nature of the objectives of these executives, we learn for example that they “welcome a massive adhesion and a real support for the declaration of Mbouda by a very large majority cadres, leaders and militants of the party in the 10 regions and in the Diaspora”.

This says it all about the balance of power or the legitimacy in the party which would have swung in favor of the Collective. Of course, they take great care to silence any open desire for dissent within the party. “This is a reflection of the party’s benevolent executives, a current of thought to strengthen the positive image of the SDF among activists, sympathizers and the populations”, reads in extenso in the press release which sanctioned the works.

As for the prospects for a return to the fundamentals of the SDF, second line of thought, “the Collective of SDF executives notes unacceptable manipulations in the resolutions of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of June 23, 2022, the content of which does not reflect the debates of the Collective”. To do this, they put on the table a basket of grievances that they carry against the head of the party. Thus, despite the fact that the report on the “Reorganization” of the party structures in the littoral region had been presented by the Chairman of the NEC Commission, from which it emerged that all operations were going well on the ground without reservation no exception, they regret not understanding why the report of the littoral region was received with “reservation” according to the resolution of the NEC of July 23, 2022.

Furthermore, they are outraged by the same NEC’s resolution which states that “members of its teams in charge of the ongoing reorganization exercise who refuse and fail to carry out the reorganization process properly in the various regions will not be eligible, nor authorized to present themselves as candidates in subsequent elections, both internally and nationally”, had not been discussed in the meeting and, curiously, it found its way into the final resolutions. On this subject, it should be recalled that this resolution withdraws to Jean Michel Nintcheu, the right to be a candidate in the internal elections at the party and at the national level under the emblem of the SDF.

Will the Chairman leave in February 2023?

Another sticking point comes from the fact that the Chairman’s deliberate decision in his opening remarks to the NEC on July 23, 2022 where he had mentioned the holding of the elective Congress at the end of the term of the current NEC members, i.e. in February 2023, unfortunately does not appear in the final resolutions of this NEC. Still on this second axis, the Collective notes and regrets “the persistence of the violation of the Statutes and texts of the party”.

For example, they claim that the resolution “…members of the NEC teams responsible for the ongoing reorganization exercise who refuse and fail to properly execute the reorganization process in the various regions will not be eligible, nor allowed to stand as candidates in subsequent elections both internally and nationally”, is anti-statutory. This resolution, in their view, violates the provisions of Article 7(4) (a) of the statutes which stipulates: “Any member, who is financially in good standing with the party and who is an active member, has the right to be an elector during from any election and is eligible for any post or function within the party”.

Similarly, it should be noted that Article 9 of the party’s internal regulations reinforces the rights cited in Article 7(4)(a), which the activist can only lose in the context of disciplinary proceedings. brought against him in accordance with the provisions of Articles 15 and 16 of the Articles of Association. Finally, they indicate that “this resolution which is taken in violation of the statutes of the party, cannot be applicable and must be removed from the resolutions of the NEC of July 23, 2022”. Among other things, they also note that the communiqué of the Secretary General of the SDF of July 24, 2022 on the management of communication violates the Statutes of the party. They end this string of violation of the rules within the party by indicating the Collective of the executives of the SDF proposes that from now on, the Resolutions of the NEC be drafted, adopted and signed forthwith.

All these claims are in reality, it must be admitted, harbingers of an imminent schism in the process of bursting at the heart of the party in balance.

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