IRENE BIYA-30years after her mysterious death, New Revelations

IRENE BIYA-30years after her mysterious death, New Revelations

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July 29, 2022 0

IRENE BIYA-30years after her mysterious death, New Revelations

July 29, 1992- July 29, 2022, it has been thirty years since the ex-wife of Paul Biya and the mother of Franck Biya was murdered. Three decades after his death, doubt still hangs over the real circumstances and causes of the death of the first wife of Cameroonian President Paul Biya Jeanne-Irène Biya. After more than 30 years of mystery, other revelations are made. Jorel Jacques Zang made a platform to magnify the greatness of this first lady. He also points out that his son Franck Biya was stifled in his temptation to pay homage to him. Of a charisma and an extremely rare elegance. This sums up the personality of the late Madame Jeanne Irène Biya born Monemgombo …native of Nyong and Mfoumou more precisely of Endom by Akonolinga.

A true and authentic Mama Africa both in the values ​​and especially African values ​​that she embodied and in her style and even her appearance and presence.
Perfection not being of this world, she had her flaws and faults like any of us, but there is one thing that no one could refuse her and that everyone recognized in her, including the opponents. more fierce to her husband and this thing was his love for his country …

It is moreover and precisely this love of patriot which will be the direct consequence of his greatest misfortune on earth because behind the glory and the advantages pompous to be the wife of a head of state… the deceased lived a real constant drama in her private life…
Accused by Robert Messi Messi of being her and her husband at the center and at the heart of the bankruptcy of the SCB (Cameroonian Banking Company) today SGBC (General Society of Cameroonian Banks…bankruptcy caused by the construction of the palace of Mvomeka’a in the presidential village according to Robert Messi Messiah who was the director of this institution and who had to go into exile in Canada.
she will never recover from this accusation which she considers as a terrible humiliation for her … a humiliation which was added to many other terrible things which she lived with difficulty within her home to the point of be totally unbearable humanly speaking and which will therefore push her to ask her husband as president with great insistence to leave power so that she and he can enjoy a peaceful
retirement and therefore to leave Cameroon and Cameroonians in the hands of a more capable and competent person to lead them because she had this major concern despite the fire she endured in her home that her husband as president could go out the front door and that he could leave Cameroon in better hands.
A wish on her part which was the object of very strong tensions and deep disagreements in her home to the point that she seriously considered divorce and from which to free herself from this heavy title of “first lady of Cameroon” that she considered for a while as very heavy to bear and totally incompatible with his vision of life…

Tensions were so high in her home that she made two suicide attempts (once while drinking drugs and another time trying to throw herself into the void) not to mention the couple’s official trip to Belgium in 1990 where she categorically refused to return to Cameroon because she was afraid for her life after confiding in Queen Fabiola of late memory about her desire to flee Cameroon to benefit from the asylum and protection of the Belgian royal family… unfortunately it is with her face swollen by domestic violence that she will be forced to return against her will to Cameroon with her husband…

And against all expectations and to the total amazement and popular incomprehension of Cameroonians, the state media that are Crtv and Cameroon tribune announce his death on July 29, 1992 according to these state media. Mom is said to have “officially” died of a “surprising” cancer that had been battling her for a while to the point that she was bedridden. This announcement, which was the subject of a real emotional shock to the Cameroonian population, is all the more astonishing and surprising for three reasons:

the first reason is that 2 days before her death, that is to say on July 27, 1992, she had received at the oriental salon (private residence of the presidential couple located within the grounds of the Palace of Unity) alongside her husband the American star by the name of Steevy Wonder and that day the Cameroonians saw for the first time the first lady sporting big black glasses which betrayed a sad face filled with tears (the star steevy wonder had the announcement of her death moreover had was so shocked that he decided never to set foot in Cameroon again in his entire life)

The second reason is that on the same day of July 29, 1992 when her death was announced to Cameroonians, she had to go to Obala to meet the rural women of this locality where she was to visit fish farms and plantations run by women farmers and local fish farmers … which means that she had to be in perfect health for the state protocol to validate this outing, especially since the day before, that is to say on July 28, 1992, she had received the Minister of the condition of women at the time Yaou Aissatou and some elite women from Obala who had all attested that mom was perfectly healthy and was in good shape despite her sadness

The third reason, and this is what shocked popular opinion more, is the presidential trip of her husband to Dakar in Senegal when the wife was supposed to be very ill … so everyone asked themselves the only obvious question: how can you travel knowing that your spouse is seriously ill….

Anyway, on July 29, 1992 around 10 a.m. the national media stopped their usual programs to formalize the sad news for Cameroonians: Madame is dead .

On the day of the official funeral, the Cameroonians who hoped to bow before the remains of their mother one last time to pay her a tribute worthy of the love and esteem that

All the African heads of state, starting with those of Central Africa, shunned the trip to Cameroon with the exception of the late Mobutu Sesse Seko Du Zaire who was himself the widower of his first wife who died mysteriously.

The many African first ladies and friends of the deceased also responded to absent subscribers with the exception of Mrs. Antoinette Sassou Nguesso of Congo-Brazzaville.

30 years old today: no official tribute has been paid to her and everything is done to erase her existence from collective memory as if she never existed… her son Franck Emmanuel Biya tried to pay her a popular tribute a few years ago but at the last minute he decided to stop everything.

For example in the official biography of her husband on the website of the presidency and in the mention family life … she does not appear anywhere.

Her works such as the Association of Friends of Cameroon and the Jeanne Irene Biya pavilion have disappeared in favor of Cerac and the Fcb which were created from this while the Detoug-ebe center for the disabled of which she was the initiator and the Dan & Sarah orphanage of Nkomo are forgotten.
Jorel Jacques Zang

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