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‘impulsive’, ‘brutal’: the true face of Samuel Eto’o 

‘impulsive’, ‘brutal’: the true face of Samuel Eto’o 

N Melo
by N Melo
September 3, 2022 0

‘impulsive’, ‘brutal’: the true face of Samuel Eto’o 

Even if he was Samuel Eto’o’s campaign director during the election of the president of Fécafoot, many forget that Jean Bruno Tagné was one of the journalists who investigated the real person the most. what is Samuel Eto’o. His book “Programmed to fail” is one of the most extensive on the true nature of the man who has been running FECAFOOT for several months. An excerpt from the book on pages 187-188 is very telling.

“Behind his chubby face and his angelic smile hides a man who is sometimes impulsive and brutal. Witness this angry headbutt he gives to a journalist, Boney Philippe, at the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé on May 30, 2008 , on the sidelines of an Indomitable Lions press conference (…)

Sxxxxx Exxxx’s desire for power and his tyrannical tendency towards ostentation reached a peak when Paul Le Guen made him captain of the Indomitable Lions in 2009.

Humility and modesty are not part of his universe. He likes to talk about himself, poses by opposing others, overestimates his role as captain, crushes his teammates who suffer him without shouting.

They suffer without groaning, silently brooding over their anger, lest they incite the ravaging bloodshed of the captain who is known for his tenacious grudge.”

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