I never liked Yannick Noah – Patrice Nganang

I never liked Yannick Noah – Patrice Nganang

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September 19, 2022 0

I never liked Yannick Noah – Patrice Nganang

Yannick Noah has drawn the wrath of prof Patrick Nganang, following the initiatives taken by the former tennis champion, so that Le Coq Sportif once again becomes the equipment supplier of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon.

Yannick Noah has been eaten up in all the sauces for a few days, because of his support for the equipment manufacturer Le Coq Sportif.

Patrice Nganang also gave his opinion about the case which is doing the rounds on social networks.

“I never liked Yannick Noah. When his Bulu tribesmen were massacring northerners in Bululand he was silent – we said he was too young Now he’s an old man and his same Bulu tribesmen are massacring English speakers and get slaughtered one by one – he still doesn’t care. The man who in his entire shitty tennis career has only won one title. Only one,” writes the college professor.

Nganang is not the only one to criticize Yannick Noah.

Fans of Samuel Eto’o have also stepped up to the plate for a few days to violently attack the head of Etoudi for his support for the leaders of Le Coq Sportif. The Franco-Cameroonian star had introduced a few days ago, the general manager of the French equipment manufacturer to the Minister of Sports, the Prime Minister and to the Presidency of the Republic.

For some Cameroonians Naoh betrays Cameroon because Le Coq Sportif is in conflict with Fecafoot.

The most virulent go so far as to question the talent and merits of Noah. For the vice-president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon, some supporters of Samuel Eto’o behave like terrorists.

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