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I ask for forgiveness’: Nouhou Tolo explains himself

I ask for forgiveness’: Nouhou Tolo explains himself

N Melo
by N Melo
June 12, 2022 0

I ask for forgiveness’: Nouhou Tolo explains himself

Nouhou Tolo regrets his action

Nouhou Tolo, has broken silence after the dissemination on social networks of a video in which he physically assaults a security guard at the Yaoundé International Airport. Without going into details of what actually happened, the player regrets his action. He acknowledges not having been able to control his emotions.

“Dear Cameroonians, dear fans, I come hereby to clarify the videos that show me in full altercation with an agent of the Yaounde International Airport. What happened is the result of a total misunderstanding due to the passage of the vehicle at that place. I recognize that I did not have sufficient control over my emotions. I ask for forgiveness,” he posted on his Facebook page.

The Seattle Sounders player also asks forgiveness to the Cameroon Football Federation and his club whose images have been tarnished by his action.

“I bitterly regret that this unfortunate incident occurred and I offer my sincere and flat apologies once again to the agent of the Yaounde International Airport and all those colleagues. I apologize to the fans of the lions, to the Cameroonian soccer federation whose image has been tarnished and to my employer club Seattle Sounders.
I am Cameroonian and proud to be, long live Cameroon, our beautiful country, long live the indomitable lions,” he concluded.

The man who seduced Cameroonians by his performance at the last African Cup of Nations is under fire. More Internet users are calling for strong sanctions against the player who has not been exemplary in his actions.

“Nouhou Tolo, dear sir, you do not have a monopoly on violence
Nervousness, everyone knows how to do it. We are not going to play the vigilante but physically assault a security guard in the middle of his shift. Your notorious impulsiveness only leaves its mark. A player must be exemplary … “, said a user.

Other Cameroonians call on Samuel Eto’o. The president of the Cameroon Football Federation, which has made discipline its hobbyhorse, will it sanction the player? This is what a good part of Cameroonian Internet users are asking.

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