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How to Use Napoleon Book of Fate Oracle Tables

How to Use Napoleon Book of Fate Oracle Tables

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How to Use Napoleon Book of Fate Oracle



If you’re interested in using Napoleon’s Book of Fortune to predict the future, you’re in luck.     The Napoleon Book of Fate Oracle tables are an exact translation of Napoleon’s original copy. You can consult them for free online. Napoleon himself was rumored to have used the book during his time. But how reliable are these tables? And how likely is it to fail you? Read on to find out.

Historical and Regency Romance UK: Consulting the future: Napoleon's Book  of Fate and Oraculum

Oraculum divination manual

The Oraculum is a divination manual reputedly used by Napoleon. This book includes the rules for interpreting dreams and astrological miscellany, as well as important advice and talismans for different aspects of life. The questions are categorized into four categories: love, family, and travel. The final four pages of the manual contain spells and ceremonies to use for various purposes, such as identifying the future husband of a young woman.

Originally, the Book of Fate was in the possession of Napoleon, but was found in a Prussian officer’s tomb after his defeat at Leipzig. Napoleon was unaware that the Book of Fate had been found by him, and thus had the manuscript translated and carried with him. This Oraculum is very similar to the Ladies’ Oracle of 17th century Egypt, as it contains complete instructions and meanings of the readings.

Claim of imperial provenance

A new film claims that Napoleon’s remains were never found on St Helena. In Monsieur N, a Eurotrash presenter claims that Napoleon died in a secret tomb in 1825 and that his body parts were never recovered. But how could he be so sure? And how can someone make a claim of imperial provenance when using Napoleon Book of Fate? The following are some of the arguments cited in support of the claim.


When the Book of Fate first appeared in bookshops in London on July 4, 1822, many people were confused. The book, which was once in Napoleon’s possession, was actually a German translation of an ancient Egyptian manuscript discovered near Mount Libycus in 1801. Regardless of how the Book of Fate was found, many believe it to be a reliable source for predicting the future.

While the Book of Fate was a minor sensation, the Gazette of Fashion called it an example of great ingenuity. The Philosophical Merlin, a book by the same author, had a subtitle that echoed the Book of Fate’s extravagant claim of imperial origin. It read, “The Translation of a Valuable Manuscript Formerly in the Possession of Napoleon Buonaparte.”

Failure rate

The Book of Fate is part of the Sutro Library’s rare books collection. It offers insights into Napoleon, the French Revolution, the Enlightenment, and colonialism. In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte set sail with 35,000 men and over 160 artists and scientists from the Commission des Sciences et des Arts on an expedition to lay siege to Egypt. He seized Malta and continued to Alexandria before completing the book’s mission.

The Book of Fate was once in Napoleon’s possession. Translated from an ancient Egyptian manuscript, it is a book of destiny that guides people throughout their lives. Napoleon consulted the Book of Fate before every important event in his life, including the defeat of Leipzig in 1813. However, ambition caused him to disregard the advice of the Book of Fate and instead pursue other goals. The failure rate of Napoleon Book of Fate is a mediocre 4%.

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