Hopelessness vs Resilience amidst wheat shortage in Cameroon: Russo-Ukrainian crisis-Alfred Melo

Hopelessness vs Resilience amidst wheat shortage in Cameroon: Russo-Ukrainian crisis-Alfred Melo

N Melo
by N Melo
June 20, 2022 0

Hopelessness vs Resilience amidst wheat shortage in Cameroon: Russo-Ukrainian war

Cameroon’s government says Russia’s war on Ukraine is responsible for a wheat shortage that has led to a 40 percent increase in the price of bread. The central African state is encouraging local substitutes like cassava and yams to replace the wheat usually imported from Russia and Ukraine.

Africa has the biggest landmass and is endowed with most of the important natural resources of the world but right now we are in a food crisis and instead of going to the land and people who can produce locally our attention is on foreign politicians. The war in far off Ukraine and Russia has become our war. We as artists have to look at this problem differently we have the ability to create things from nothing. We can help those with power in their hands and seeds in their pockets to think differently with gentle and creative criticism and reprimand. Africa,s food security is the worst in the world, the volume of Cameroon,s and Africa’s food imports is an indication of how many jobs we can create producing our own food. We are slaves to cereals and fertilizers from far-off lands.

This should not continue, Villagers in this country can feed themselves, hunger is mostly an urban problem. Why can existing capacity not be improved. The initiative should come from elites, the educated class and above all from the administration which somehow has replaced the middle class in Cameroon. In yesteryears there was the green revolution encouraging all of us to turn to the soil in agriculture, there was even a green revolution song by Prince Afo-Akom and costly slogans but the revolution failed leading to sections of the population living in fear and doubts. We have to overcome this doubt. Cameroon with it’s landsize can feed almost all of Africa, why not. Ukraine does not have the landsize of Cameroon but has a bigger population but we depend on them for so much. We are chasing computers at a great speed and forgetting our ploughshares.

In as much as modernity is good we have a responsibility to feed ourselves as we move along.so long as we don’t do this we will be eternally enslaved. Artists should educate the masses in the songs they sing, the books they write, the films they shoot and in their general interaction with decision makers. The ongoing crisis or war in the North and South West regions have disrupted agriculture in these two regions We are all responsible and administrators and separatists should recognize and protect the alimentary well being of the people. If we all plant a fruit tree every year the future will be brighter for our children. I am also a farmer.

N Melo
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