Here’s the whole truth about Ekambi Brillant’s ‘death’

Here’s the whole truth about Ekambi Brillant’s ‘death’

N Melo
by N Melo
September 18, 2022 0

Here’s the whole truth about Ekambi Brillant’s ‘death’

He is announced dead

• The legend has denied the rumor

• Ekambi Brillant is alive and well

For several days, the rumor has been spilling a lot of ink and saliva. It was announced on social networks with great fanfare, the death of Ekambi Brillant.

According to the sources contacted by the editorial staff of, this is purely a false rumour.

Our legend Ekambi Brillant is alive and well. Moreover, he himself reacted to the news of his death.

“For the past few days, malicious spirits have been announcing my death. I ask those who play this morbid game to stop immediately.
I want to reassure my fans; I am alive and well. I will leave this world only when our creator has decided and it is still for a very long time. Thank you all for your prayers and for your support. Mot’a Muenya,” Ekambi Brillant wrote on his Facebook page.

G-Laurentine Assiga deplores this attitude of spreading false information, especially for cases of unproven death.

“A professional journalist goes to the source. Does not rely on rumor to provide information. The rumor can be the starting point to seek the true and good information. This evening, I am a little shocked and disappointed to see certain colleagues announcing the death of Ekambi Brillant without having cross-checked the information with his family or his press officer.

Ekambi Brillant is alive and well. I got him on the phone 5 minutes ago. His family is shocked by this “relentlessness on his person”. He was sick, yes. He is recovering. “God is in control my daughter”, these are his words to me. He needs comfort, not unnecessary stress. His time to leave will come when God wills it. For now, he is still with us,” she said.

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