Here are the Cameroonians on the Interpol red list

Here are the Cameroonians on the Interpol red list

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August 9, 2022 0

Here are the Cameroonians on the Interpol red list

Cameroonians are part of the list of people most wanted by Interpol

• They are a total of 2 individuals of Cameroonian nationality

• One is a man, the other a woman

The editorial staff of discovered that 2 Cameroonians were part of the red list of people currently most wanted in the world for serious offenses and facts.

Muki Elvis, the man, is a drug trafficker and Djoumessi Emilie Chanceline would have committed acts of fraud, request and corruption.

Muki Elvis (49)

This 49-year-old Cameroonian is wanted by Russia, where he had resided before fleeing. The man melted into nature.

Currently wanted by Interpol, Muki Elvis is wanted for “illegal storage of narcotics, attempted sale of narcotics”.

Djoumessi Emilie Chanceline

This lady of Cameroonian nationality is 39 years old. She is wanted by the South African state for acts of “fraud, request and corruption”.

A Cameroonian sentenced by Justice in the USA, for electronic fraud

Frankline Bate Okpu is a Cameroonian of origin, living in the United States. He was recently sentenced by American justice to 36 months in prison and will be deported to Cameroon in 2024.

In a statement released by the US State Department of Justice, it is written that Frankline Bate Okpu is the head of a mafia network of eight men. The Cameroonian, we learn, was “arrested and sentenced to federal prison for his role in a scheme to steal more than $726,000 from a South Korean company”.

“US District Judge Lynn N. Hughes sentenced Bate Okpu to 36 months in prison. He was also ordered to pay $350,938 in restitution. of deportation after his prison term”, reads on the website of the United States Department of Justice.

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