Has Cameroon been Scammed by David Mendelson  of  ONE ALL SPORTS

Has Cameroon been Scammed by David Mendelson  of  ONE ALL SPORTS

N Melo
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August 14, 2022 0

Has Cameroon been Scammed by David Mendelson  of  ONE ALL SPORTS

At the end of July, when the Women’s African Cup of Nations had just ended in Morocco,Samuel Eto ‘o decided to end the contract which had linked the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fécafoot) since 2019 with the French equipment manufacturer Le Coq Sportif.

Since then, the name of the brand that will dress the Indomitable Lions, especially during the World Cup in Qatar in December, is not yet known.

While all the Cameroonian public and specialists saw in Puma, the future of the indomitable lions,Samuel Eto’o once again took everyone against the grain.

The press release ensures that ONE ALL SPORTS the new equipment supplier of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon is also the one offered the largest financial contract.

According to the latest news, the choice of equipment supplier All One Sports would be the scam of the century organized bySamuel Eto’o . Here are the 04 points on which the whistleblower is based as an exampleBoris Bertolt :

“1) For the first time that this company communicates. For the first time she claims to want to celebrate a contract. From the first sentence there is a mistake. I say first sentence. It’s not serious. It is not possible. Imagine your first job interview, first sentence “I said that” you’re being chased away.

2) A company that has no seriousness. Note that in the same press release the brand is written in two different ways: ONEALLSPORTS in one word and ONE ALL SPORTS separated. Which is the true sign of the company.

3) No one is signing this release. That is to say that apart from this mysterious David Mendelson who also lives in Thailand, no one else can be identified in this structure. Not even the communications department.

4) This press release is dated August 12, 2022. That is Friday the day of the official announcement by FECAFOOT of the choice of One ALL Sports. However, yesterday this press release did not appear on their website, nor on Facebook, nor on their Twitter account which was suspended and even less on Instagram, the last publication of which dates from January 2019″, writesBoris Bertolt at first. »

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