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Barbaric atrocities and crimes are increasing in intensity in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon. After the attack on a Golden Express company bus on September 6, 2022 on the Buea-Kumba axis in the Fako department, the government issued a press release to take stock of the tragedy (6 dead, 8 injured). The President of the Republic Paul Biya does not intend to be impressed by the armed groups who have decided to disrupt the start of the school year. He sends his messages of compassion to the victims and invites them not to give in to intimidation.

“Faced with this tragedy, the Head of State through me sends his sincere condolences to the families of the victims and his wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured. The government, while urging the people not to give in to intimidation or threats of any kind, the government intends to reassure them of its determination to do everything possible to restore and consolidate peace and security in the Northern Regions -West and South-West,” the government statement read.

The list of dead
Oba Dilonga
Tabi Enow
Achidi Abel

Yancho Francis Neba, the driver
Keneth an unidentified victim

The list of wounded
Mango Moungoage
Ngoyana Briget
Stella Tangin
Fonba Sharon
Ayake Menye
Tantyi Tracy

Randy Essoh
Micael Chi

The remains of the deceased as well as the injured were taken to the morgue of Buea Regional Hospital where they are being treated. The separatist armed groups had promised to prevent the 2022-2023 school year in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. They have decreed “dead city” days and hunt down people who try to override these measures to go about their business.

The military option

Cameroonians learned this weekend via the media that Paul Biya has authorized the deployment of special forces in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. These soldiers who are the cream of the Cameroonian army are called upon to lend a hand to their comrades from the BIR and other units who have been trying since 2016 to overcome armed separatist groups.

For the separatist leader Mark Bareta, the sending of special forces to the NOSO is proof of the victory of the separatist groups over the Cameroonian soldiers who lost several men at the front. He reveals that the strength of the Ambazonians does not lie in the military training of the Amba Boys.

“The fact that Cameroon is deploying special forces in Ambazonia is indicative of the victories of Ambazonia fighters, whose cherished BIRs have been reduced to nothing. In Amba, we have no trained forces. We have three things they lack: The will, the people and God,” he posted on his Twitter account.

Paul Biya has always been in favor of the military option for the resolution of the Anglophone crisis. According to sources close to the presidency, members of the government who wish to negotiate with these Cameroonians who have taken up arms are outvoted. Despite the numerous deployments of soldiers in these areas, insecurity is permanent. This week has been particularly deadly at NOSO.

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