Georgette Eto’o receives a letter from a celebrity

Georgette Eto’o receives a letter from a celebrity

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September 19, 2022 0

Georgette Eto’o receives a letter from a celebrity

Michel Gohou is preparing a major event

• The Ivorian is mobilizing celebrities

• He sends a message to the wife ofSamuel Eto’o Fils

One of the greatest African actors, Michel Gohou is actively preparing for the “Gohou party”. “I have been practicing this job for 30 years, a job that has allowed me to overcome my shyness, to accept myself and be accepted by everyone, to call my difference and bring smiles through the different roles that I have performed throughout my career,” wrote the Ivorian on his Facebook page.

On November 20, 2022 in Paris in the legendary Folies Bergère hall, Gohou Michel will be on stage with “his friends for a party” called the “Gohou party”. It is a celebration in his honor to mark his thirty (30) years of career.

To this end, the director, producer and screenwriter sent messages to celebrities such as the Togolese Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi,Samuel Eto’o Fils and recently Georgette Eto’o, of which here is the content.

My daughter, I remember this day like it was yesterday, you and your husbandSamuel Eto’o Fils during my thirty (30) years of career in Abidjan. Thank you for the unwavering support. I hope you are well and everything is fine at home and that the children are doing wonderfully.

It is said that behind a great man is a great lady, your strength of character, your calm and your serenity are legendary, worthy of a woman from the West of our country.

Yesterday I informed your husband of my party at the Folies Bergère, given his many occupations, I entrust you with the task of giving him just a little reminder so that he can add the date to his diary.

For all practical purposes, transfer him the ticket office link in the evening quietly in bed. I know he will necessarily want to make a gesture as usual but please prevent him from doing so and I know he will insist… Who am I to say no?

Message toSamuel Eto’o Son

My ChampionSamuel Eto’o Son , I know you are very busy and very active with Fecafoot, really courage because it is not easy and I understand you. You have always been an invaluable support and I want to thank you.

On November 20, I celebrate 30 years of career at the Folies Bergère in Paris and on November 26 at the Espace Julien in Marseille. I know you’re going to want to make a move but I strongly forbid you because you’ve already done too much. Thank you so much…

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