Georges Ewane at the heart of a very big congossa at the Presidency of the Republic - Latest Updates on business and health
Georges Ewane at the heart of a very big congossa at the Presidency of the Republic

Georges Ewane at the heart of a very big congossa at the Presidency of the Republic

N Melo
by N Melo
September 9, 2022 0

Georges Ewane at the heart of a very big congossa at the Presidency of the Republic

Georges Ewane, former central director at CRTV, technical adviser in post to the presidency of the Republic, is presented in the skin of the “Judas” who by an incendiary, sibylline and vicious information note addressed to the president of the Republic ” demonized” the DCC and qualified the former minister Basile Atangana Kouna and the Cameroonian “Pope” of the media Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga as “profaners of the presidency of the Republic”.

The meeting of August 30, 2022 at the Palace of Unity between Atangana Kouna Basile, Amougou Belinga Jean-Pierre and Samuel Mvondo Ayolo is upsetting, continues to create waves and “hot throats” at the Palace of Etoudi. The news to date relates to a correspondence by way of an “information note” which leaked from internal sources at the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. Said information note, of which the daily Le Messager received a copy, is produced by the information and communication division.

Attributed to the technical advisor Georges Ewane Ngude whose signature is at the bottom of the page, the information note that some languages ​​claim to have been written on the high instructions of the “vice god” without whom the approval of its routing to the president Paul Biya would not have been possible, displays in all its ugliness the atmosphere of animosity, the malaise and the deleterious climate which rot relations between the Minister of State / Secretary General Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and the Director of Cabinet civilian Samuel Mvondo Ayolo.

Everything suggests that the two closest collaborators of the President of the Republic Paul Biya are leaders of two rival factions who look at each other like earthenware dogs. On reading the briefing note, it appears that the meeting at the Etoudi Palace between the DCC, the former minister Basile Atangana Kouna and the Zoomloo of the Zoomloo Amougou Belinga irritated, revolted, shocked, unearthed sterile hatreds, the grudges and resentments of the Minetat/Sgpr. It is in the same spirit that we can register the demonization coupled with slander of the DCC / Pr at Paul Biya by the technical adviser to the presidency of the Republic Georges Ewane Ngude. Appointed to carry out the dirty work and the spoilsport mission, his briefing note to Paul Biya entitled: “reactions from Internet users” is

The former central director of the radio pool at CRTV drank abundantly in social networks from which he formed an opinion of how Internet users “have literally been in turmoil since the end of the day on August 30, 2022, following to the publication of a photograph which has gone viral (see attached copy), taken in all likelihood in the office of the DCC. Georges Ewane is indignant at a photo in which we see Mvondo Ayolo Samuel (DCC / Pr), in the company of Basile Atangana Kouna and Amougou Belinga Jean-Pierre. “The distribution of this photograph immediately caused a flurry on the web and great indignation within public opinion, which does not understand that such controversial personalities are received in full publicity by the

Poisoned arrows against the Zomlo’o and Don Basilio

In his incendiary fire, like a spirit of nuisance or a “hit man” invested with a mission of invective, the signatory considers the Presidency of the Republic as a pantheon of great holiness where one should not block the way, not allow access to “profaners of the Presidency of the Republic”. The level of hatred, demonization and slander that transpires from the writings of the Technical Adviser, suggests that the former minister of Paul Biya, the businessman of great notoriety, of irrefutable and indisputable reputation in the business world and builders of the endogenous international economic fabric; that both, in the eyes of Georges Ewane, are plague victims, unscrupulous men,

Summoning social networks to his aid, the technical adviser affirms that after analyzing the reactions recorded on the web, “the public’s indignation results from the fact that this photograph was taken in the Palace of Unity, a few meters from the office of the President of the Republic; what some do not hesitate to describe as “profanation of the Presidency of the Republic” and insults to Cameroonians”. He has a hard tooth, a contemptuous and arrogant tone, but above all too much condescension against Don Basilio. If it is not hatred, witchcraft, jealousy, deceitful and sordid wickedness, what could have prompted the author of the briefing note to Paul Biya to throw shame, vomiting harmful, nauseating and foul-smelling

Slander and slander are cascading. “We indeed remember that Mr. Atangana Kouna Basile, former Minister of Water and Energy was released on July 29, 2022 after 04 years of imprisonment, following the abandonment of the legal proceedings initiated against him before the Special Criminal Court for misappropriation of last public; the interested party having returned to the State the corpus delicti, an amount of 1.265 billion Fcfa”, writes the technical adviser. He continues with the Amougoiu Belinga Jean-Pierre case. In an insulting denigration, the technical adviser affirms that the “repeated escapades, known to the public who consider him moreover as a tax delinquent; whose attacks on tax staff recently defrayed the media columnist and caused the

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