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Succession to Paul Biya: towards the investiture of Franck Biya in Yaounde?

• The war of succession is raging within the seraglio

• Franck Biya is expected

• The Frankist Movement organizes a general assembly in Yaoundé

Is the war of succession which is raging in the seraglio about to know its outcome? This is the big question to which Cameroonians are trying to find an answer since the announcement of the general assembly of the Citizen Movement of Frankists for Peace and Unity of Cameroon (MCFPU) scheduled to be held on December 19, 2021 in Yaoundé Convention Center.

According to the organizers of this event, it is a step in the direction of the “great generational transition” mentioned by the President of the Republic Paul Biya.
“We are on the way for the preparation of a great generational transition as announced by President Paul Biya in his speech.
The Franckistes MCFPU movement of the national coordinator Alain Fidel Owona has for a single equitable and just vision Franck Emmanuel Olivier Biya to the supreme magistracy “, one can read in an output of the MCFPU.

In order to bring together a large number of Caamerounais for this meeting, the organizers use all means of communication with banners visible everywhere in the city of Yaoundé.
“You live in the department of Sanaga maritime.
You are an activist in the MCFPU, the citizen movement of the Frankists for peace and the unity of Cameroon.
The doors of the movement are open to you. Be a member of the departmental office, or a member of the office of one of the districts of Sanaga maritime. Contact us as soon as possible. Ibx please.
Good day. “, Circulate on social networks the officials of the MCFPU

In fact, tipped to succeed his father, Franck Biya has been increasing for several months outings that arouse comments in Cameroonian public opinion. last November, during the celebration of Paul Biya at the supreme magistracy, Franck Biya was received at the royal palace of Foumban with a protocol of head of state. A meeting which recalls the first steps of his father as president of the Republic.



France has already chosen its candidate as the third president of Cameroon. This is what emerges from this forum of the English-speaking organization “English Cameroon for a United Cameroon”, in the person of Frank Biya. According to him, Cameroonians must refuse at all costs this forcing of France which uses all means to impose a replacement of Paul Biya in the seraglio. He gives the reasons why Franck Biya would be the favorite.

1. It is more and more obvious that France is counting on the docility of Cameroonians to impose Frank Biya as third president. It makes sense for France to build on what has proven to be a successful model in France-Africa: to impose the son of the outgoing colonial clerk who embodies the local monarch. But the decision is provisional; according to the reaction of Cameroonians. If they react with their vain France-Africa fixation on the centralization of Africa in the name of Pan-Africanism, then they will move forward.

2. We are Anglophones committed to a united Cameroon, governed as an effective constitutional democracy, free from bandits and sophists in Europe, who themselves have no political culture of which they can be proud. As such, we cannot applaud the imposition of a president as has been done since bogus independence. We also promote the emergence of competitive political parties. If we are to use our resources wisely, then the CPDM is a historic party that needs to be reformed and politically protected, opposing or being opposed by a strong party such as the emerging MRC / CRM. In this context, we must fight any cult of personality which is not a political party or which depends for its success on the death of the CPDM party.

Some may say that Frank Biya will be proposed as the CPDM presidential candidate in an election to replace Paul Biya after he leaves the presidency. On what basis can such a choice be made? As far as we know:

2.1. Frank Biya is not a CPDM activist.

2.2. Even though he was a CPDM activist, he did not do the hard work of party activism to rightly seek to lead the party.
2.3. But it’s not enough to be an activist with years of partisan activism; The CPDM must accept that the next elections must be free and fair or any fraud will lead to uncontrollable internal wars. In this case, the choice of the CPDM flag bearer must take into account the chances of this candidate to beat a strong opposition candidate like Maurice Kamto. The next election will be decided by a commitment to reform, in particular a return to federalism, and the demonstration of past leadership experience. If Frank Biya was a registered CPDM activist with years of local and national leadership,

In addition, we have pledged to work diligently to make Cameroon such a competitive constitutional democracy where over 85% of the vote in a presidential election goes to the top two candidates. Therefore, in accordance with our declared commitment and the evidence obtained after more than a year of polls on the political scene in Cameroon, we judge that Frank Biya is not among the two best politicians Cameroonians would like to see in Etoudi after its disaster. of father. left. We declare our determination to fight his ongoing comedy until the polls show otherwise. We treat him like an opposition candidate, even though he is weaker than Maurica Kamto and Cabral Libii.

3. A duty to defend the constitution and to resist the Frenchman Frank Biya
3.1. We had already seen the symbolic appearance of Frank Biya with the Sultan of Bamoun on November 6. It was a declaration that the legacy of the Catholic missionary must continue. The day we mourn Ahidjo’s mistake (he had no choice), France told us that we should prepare for the next French imposition. Frank Biya takes into account the twisted and unconstitutional gibberish that our commissioned journalists feed us every day. Most Cameroonian journalists are incompetent or work for France, directly or indirectly through their nauseating commissioned journalism.

3.2. Frank Biya is said to be planning to visit Bamenda and Buea. There he will be surrounded by these discredited gooey leaders and elites. The idea is to project Frank Biya as the next “Father of the Nation”. This concept is distasteful in Anglo Protestant political culture. We don’t need a father; we need good laws and a stable constitution that ties the hands of any tyrant who gets drunk on his presidential powers.

We call on all the sons and daughters of western Cameroon to openly protest against such an organized visit. We are against any physical violence but keep in mind that her father caused us so much trauma. Demonstrate his visit. We also call on West Cameroonians to boycott the palaces of any leader known to be a supporter of Frank Biya. It cannot represent the interests of our people.

3.3. Our long period of poll identified four personalities of national rank who are presidential: Maurice Kamto is the only opposition among them at national base, and from the CPDM, we have Joseph Dion Ngute, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, and Alamine Ousmane Mey. The French scoundrels should leave us alone to choose our president. But they won’t. It is our duty to force them to leave us alone. There are indications that if Cameroonians express their rejection of Frank Biya in action and consistent criticism based on the constitution of this farce, then France will step aside and let constitutional democracy take its course. Don’t let yourself be brainwashed. We call on others to conduct opinion polls.

3.4. Although Alamine Ousmane Mey ranks highly as a potential president, he is trapped in a friendship with Frank Biya. He is therefore in charge of planning Frank Biya’s visit to the Far North region rich in voices. You have to understand that Alamine Ousmane Mey is trapped; he does not speak freely. On the question of the president imposed on us, let us listen to his brother, Aboubakr Ousmane Mey. We must all be determined to reject Frank Biya all over Cameroon. Apart from a few privileged spots, all regions of Cameroon are suffering from the Biya-France destruction of our beautiful country. Peoples of the Far North, reject this 21st century primitivity promoted by France.

3.5. The Frank Biya tour may be coming to the Littoral. His great rival is another person that the Cameroonian people do not have a high rank – Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. The useful service rendered by Ngoh Ngoh is to divide the mafia from the regime, but this mafia seeks to align itself with the winning team. Let’s show that the winning team is constitutional democracy, in which the next CPDM leader is chosen through a democratic process.

We advise the inhabitants of the Littoral to demonstrate that they are among the oldest nationalists. Don’t bow to the new colonial prince presented to you. Like English-speaking regions, organize events, whether approved or not. Give France a taste of what to expect if these morally corrupt descendants of Clovis I proceed with their dangerous provocation. Be worthy disciples of Um, Moumie, Mongo Beti, Ouandie, Ntumazah, etc. and tell those thieves we’ve had enough of their nonsense.

4. Niat Njifenji must resign now

It is said that Marcel Niat Njifenji wants to resign but Paul Biya refused that he does not do so. This is intended to create constitutional confusion, but there should be no confusion.

4.1. Marcel Niat Njifenji is unfit to be president of the Senate and constitutionally appointed interim president. The resistance should skillfully direct its energies, not repeat the fact that Biya cannot allow Niat to resign but, the resistance should demand that Niat resign or be allowed to resign. There is a difference between requiring the right thing to be done and actually getting it done. The first thing to do now is to demand the resignation of Niat.

4.2. Even if Niat does not resign, his condition is such that he should disregard the interim offer. The constitutional order demands that his vice be the next candidate for the interim. There is a whole hierarchy and you should never think of accepting a coup. Such thinking is the product of France-Afrique, especially where the constitution offers a more effective means of reforming the country.

5. Maurice Kamto and the confusion in the resistance

The best tool we have to fight against this French attempt is the constitution and the electoral code in force. Face the truth: the CPDM will not change an electoral code designed to win them. We must register to vote massively, vote massively, have observers who record the raw results in all stations, calculate the winner and prepare for endless massive protests until our country is liberated from Aujoulat and of the French Catholic curse called colonial electoral fraud.
Message to Maurice Kamto:

5.1. You are right and free to fight for the reform of the electoral code.
5.2. You are naive to think that Biya will do it. If you know that Biya will not reform the code, you are dishonest in not telling Cameroonians to fight comprehensively.


5.3. If Paul Biya resigns or dies today, then the interim cannot change the laws. The electoral code being a law, it escapes the powers of the temporary worker to modify it. The interim, however, is constitutionally obliged to ensure that the elections are free and fair. If you intend to open a box of worms insisting that the electoral code should be changed when Biya leaves and an interim president takes over, then you are a danger to the nation. We will fight you with all the tools we have. Such a move would also pave the way for creative nonsense such as the so-called exceptional circumstances. If you are not a French agent, Prove it to us by including your fight for the electoral code in a global fight that includes the targeted defense of constitutionality. The constitution and free elections will free us from the hands of these arms robbers from Europe.

5.4. The opposition must avoid distraction with sex scandals, Pan-African gibberish and various conspiracy theories. Paul Biya’s incapacity and excessive leave is an area of ​​interest. He has long since exhausted the number of days he is authorized to take leave by the Cameroonian labor code. He breaks the law every day. The opposition should focus on this.

5.5. Stop playing hard. Nobody knows everything and the Diaspora is very capable, but they are blinded by an alternative cult. Change your communication to a position so clear that the Diaspora will stop opposing or ignoring our call to fight constitutionally.

5.6. The conflict in western Cameroon is a constitutional crisis. We are watching and we will spare no energy to fight an East Cameroonian politician who thinks unconstitutionally and acts providentially. Cameroon is our country. We Anglophones say that almost all Francophones are products of France-Africa. Your views are distorted and your fighting spirit has diminished. Get up and fight! Tell France we don’t want Frank Biya or any other French suggestion. We can choose for ourselves.

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