France and army officers validate Franck Biya plan for Cameroon…Michel Biem Tong

France and army officers validate Franck Biya plan for Cameroon…Michel Biem Tong

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July 3, 2022 0

France and army officers validate Franck Biya plan for Cameroon

After rumours, speculations, and now claims. More and more, information relating to Biya’s succession is sparking revelations. Today’s one comes from investigative journalist in exile in Norway, Michel Biem Tong. According to our colleague, Franck Biya will be opposed to Cameroonians.

In a publication Biem Tong claims to hold from a security source that the “Cameroonian army would have validated the choice of Franck Biya to succeed his father in power for 40 years. This choice of the Cameroonian army would have been validated by France.

“Franck Biya is the choice of France in the army to succeed Paul Biya”, writes the journalist who claims to have the information from a secure source.

The idea of ​​a possible candidacy of Franck Biya for the presidency of 2025 is back in force in the media landscape this week. After the local press, it is Jeune Afrique which is trying to understand the ideologies of these organizations which are preparing public opinion to make the eldest son of the head of state the next president of Cameroon.

According to the French media, whether it is the Franckists or the febists movement, Franck Biya is the perfect profile to ensure the “generational transition” wanted by Paul Biya when the time comes. These two organizations which have occupied the media landscape for several months already revealed to RFI that they had never been in contact with the champion Franck Biya.

After an interview with Mubarak Foundikou, teacher-doctoral student in Yaoundé (30 years old), secretary general of the “Franckist citizen movement for peace and unity”, and Arsène Nathan Abomo, 27 years old, entrepreneur in digital communication, member of the MCE -FEB, febist movement for “Frank Emmanuel Biya”, RFI understood that these organizations say they are seduced by Franck Biya’s discretion and knowledge of the country’s affairs.

If officially Franck Biya has not mandated these movements that cry out his name, he has not denounced their actions either. This is also the reason why the analyst of Cameroonian sociopolitical life Philippe Nnanga, believes that Franck Biya or his relatives are behind his propaganda movements.

“It is always done either on the initiative of the person concerned, or relatives. The person concerned does not dispute, but it still has a link with him. So we understand that we are in “testing” to sound out public opinion”, declared Philippe Nnanga before continuing: “We observed what happened in Gabon, in Togo, in Guinea- Equatorial, Now we like to say “Cameroon is Cameroon”.

Paul Biya sick

The state of health of the President of the Republic worries his relatives. Contrary to the recent images of Paul Biya in circulation on social networks for a few days, the Head of State would have made new discomforts which leave visible impacts on him. According to journalist and whistleblower J. Remy Ngono, Paul Biya has been suffering from partial paralysis for a week. A medical team sent specially from Europe is at the hair of the 89-year-old president. According to the whistleblower, the diagnosis of the doctors is categorical; Paul Biya must be urgently evacuated to Europe for proper care.

But the President of the Republic opposes any idea of ​​medical evacuation. According to Ngono, the Head of State’s family take turns trying in vain to convince the boss of the Palace of Unity. This is how the medical platform of the Presidency of the Republic was reinforced with the latest generation devices to take care of the Head of State.

“At the moment Paul Biya’s state of health is deteriorating. Paul Biya, last week was still unwell. He had a paralyzed side. His mouth was deformed, his face and even his foot. We thought it was a heart attack but no. Finally we brought in one of his neurologists, Dr Rouchard,” said Ngono before adding: “We called Franck Biya, he couldn’t convince his father to be evacuated. We therefore decided to equip the Palais d’Etoudi as a real hospital with a very expensive technical platform. The director of the civil cabinet Mvondo Ayolo took care of it”.

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