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Last Minute: Paul Biya sends Colonel Bamkoui to retirement”
Colonel Bamkoui and Paul Biya

• Colonel Bamkoui will not be General

• The President of the Republic recently signed a decree retiring certain personal officers of the defense forces

• The Colonel is retiring on April 3rd

Everything led to believe that the famous Cameroonian Colonel Joël Émile Bamkoui, head of the military security division at the Ministry of Defence, could rise to the rank of General. He told himself, moreover, that he cherished this dream. That no! The President of the Republic Paul Biya has decided. He will end up Colonel.

Indeed, in decree Nº2022/206 of June 07, 2022 on retirement for age limit of rank and payment in the mobilizable reserve of certain defense officer personnel that the editorial staff of consulted, Paul Biya decided to send about thirty senior officers from the National Gendarmerie, the Air Force and the National Navy to retirement. Among these officers is the famous Colonel Joël Émile Bamkoui. He will retire on April 3, 2023, in 10 months. He will then be 68 years old this year. However, it should be noted that he was still paid into the mobilized reserve until April 3, 2026, i.e. for a period of 3 years from the date of retirement. That is to say, he will continue to receive his salary normally until at the end of the mobilizable period which is 3 years. However, Colonel Bamkoui will remain awaiting an imminent call from his administration even if officially he will be in retirement.

This news will certainly delight some Cameroonians who do not like Colonel Bamkoui who is not unanimous in public opinion. We thus think of the activist Sébastien Ebala, the journalist in exile Michel Biem Tong, the academic Fridolin Nke etc who do not hide their anger vis-à-vis the Colonel.


Emile Joël Bamkoui is a senior officer in the Cameroonian National Gendarmerie. He is head of the military security division at the Ministry of Defence. He was born on April 2, 1965 in Bafia]. He specializes in intelligence and defense strategy.

Active in Douala in 2008, he was squadron leader of the Wouri Gendarmerie Group in 2009. He was tried and briefly imprisoned for the killing of a police officer. He is an associate professor at the Strategy-Defence Research Center of the University of Yaoundé II.

Chroniclers credit him with having reduced violence in Douala. He is reputed to be active in the fight against activists. He is also regularly accused by several Cameroonian activists of acts of torture, such as the academic Fridolin Nke[11], the activist Sébastien Ebala, the journalist Michel Biem Tong.

Emile Joël Bamkoui is the author of: Corruption in sub-Saharan Africa: geopolitical and security issues in a transnational economy – Organized crime and global threat, 176 pages.

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