Finally Christelle Atangana will be sent to kondengue prison for exposing her nudity

Finally Christelle Atangana will be sent to kondengue prison for exposing her nudity

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July 19, 2022 0

Finally Christelle Atangana will be sent to kondengue prison for exposing her nudity

Christelle Atangana alias Chocolat Mer is a young Cameroonian who broadcast her own sexuallllll encounters on the web

• She was arrested by the police

• She was referred to the prosecutor

Christelle Atangana now risks pondering the fate of her encounters sexssss that she posted on social networks in prison. Information received from concordant sources, a warrant of arrest will be given to her in the hours that follow for Kondengui prison. She was arrested by the police and brought before the prosecutor.

Christelle Atangana better known on social networks under the name of Cynthia Fiangan or chocolat de Mer is not far from being the “candy of Kondengui”. She is currently detained in the prosecution cell of the Administrative Center of Yaoundè. For weeks, elements of the judicial police had been looking for her. Raids were even made at their home in the Obobogo district at a place called Paloma not far from the Gulfin station in Yaoundé. Having been tipped off about her search, she taunted the police on her Facebook account and took the trouble to turn off her phone.

She was finally arrested on Monday and has just been brought before the prosecutor where she will certainly be placed in detention this night at the Kondengui Central Prison. Last Friday, her mother was on the Vision 4 set where she condemned the actions of her 22-year-old daughter.

As a reminder, Christelle Atangana took pleasure a few weeks ago in filming her own sexssssual intercourse and broadcasting them on the web. She made her first public appearances during the CAN 2021 period in Cameroon. During this period, she posted a video wearing an Indomitable Lions jersey in which she showed off her private parts. Recently, the former high school student returned to the web this time as a real porrrrrnh actress, publishing her own porrrrrrrnogggggraphic photos and videos herself. In one of the videos, we see her in the middle of a sexssssualll act with a certain Bangwa Serge Alain, an administrative contractor at the Ministry of Finance. She pushed the plug very far making direct daring, with the key several perverts who revel in it. ,

Prior to her arrest, she said she had around 50 videos of she had with married men and threatened to publish them. Her various partners who had lost sleep certainly breathe with this arrest.

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