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Field Marshall’s phones have spoken: Here is the list, Check your name

Field Marshall’s phones have spoken: Here is the list, Check your name

N Melo
by N Melo
July 21, 2022 0

Field Marshall’s phones have spoken: here is the list, Check your name

A list made up of senior state officials, religious dignitaries, traditional leaders and a certain diaspora favorable to secession reveals the names and amounts transferred by the various contributors.

At the General Directorate of External Research where the file is being completed for the Presidency of the Republic, we talk about acquaintances with personalities of unsuspected reputation.

On July 14, when the entire nation, in general jubilation, communicated with its defense and security forces for the neutralization of the formidable leader of the secessionist armed group “Red Dragons” Field Marshall, in the separatist camp, a lifting of fund was current.

It is the exploitation of the telephones (approximately 5 according to our source), of the one whose body had been exposed to Kumba the day after his death which, more will attract the attention of the fine sleuths of the General Directorate of External Research and of the National Financial Investigation Agency.

According to concordant information, the trifle of more than 500 million CFA francs mobilized in less than 24 hours. A good part of this pot is sent directly to the terrorist’s various “mobile money” accounts. A trivial fact at first but which will arouse the interest of the stupefied investigators to discover the collusion with the enemy of several high state officials from the two regions in crisis.

On the list of local financiers of the Anglophone crisis who are said to be on their way to the Palace of Unity, the name of an elite who had already transferred 32 million CFA francs for the same cause in December 2021, in the account by No Pity.

Informants confirm the names of general managers of public companies, directors of central administration, political leaders, economic operators, traditional chiefs and men of God. This raised a wave of panic within the English-speaking establishment. Especially since until now, suspicions weighed in certain personalities of duplicity in the search for solutions of peace and their sincere implication in this crisis.

Our source, who confirms suspicions up to certain former and members of the Factual government, also speaks of the strong involvement of a certain Cameroonian diaspora. In this last register, we quote pell-mell Assong Christentia, Atlanjo Fidelis, Korneta Elvis, Metunge Ekoine-zoge, Konfor Bernard, Sama Thomas, Fondi Robert, Ndeh David, Abongwa Flariscine, Iya Marianta, Camatra Edwin, Kisob Gertrude. Ekinde Epie Eugène, Nkuh Florence…

Names joined by Christ Anu, Cho Ayaba, Mark Bereta and many others who appropriated the commission of unheard-of barbarism atrocities on the civilian populations and the peacekeeping forces. order and defense in the North-West and South-West.

In such a context, the sincerity of the letter of thanks sent to the President of the Republic by the representatives of the young people of Lébialem following the death of Field Marshall, or even the mobilization three days ago of the traditional chiefs of these localities , asks.

If this is not a dupe contract, how to understand the disapproval of atrocities in Noso during the day and explain the strong mobilization of his sons in fundraising, serving the separatist cause after dark? The outcome of this case already promises startling revelations about the troubled role played by the English-speaking elite in the perpetuation of this crisis, we learn.

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