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‘Field Marshall Still Alive: Here Are Some Clues’ – Michel Biem Tong

‘Field Marshall Still Alive: Here Are Some Clues’ – Michel Biem Tong

N Melo
by N Melo
August 31, 2022 0

‘Field Marshall Still Alive: Here Are Some Clues’ – Michel Biem Tong

While public opinion knows that the separatist fighter Field Marshall is dead, a death moreover confirmed by the Cameroonian army, the Cameroonian journalist Michel Biem Tong in an exit on his Facebook account affirms that the separatist is not dead. He bases his statement on certain clues that he lists in his text below.

“Field Marshall dead? If the death of the commander of the Red Dragons of Lebialem was confirmed by his brother Chris Anu on July 18 on his TV channel Africa Broadcasting Corporation, some clues allow us to doubt it.

The body presented by the propagandists of the BIYA regime as being that of Field Marshall is in fact not his. What will also confirm his brother Chris Anu.

The Ambazonian government faction led by Iya Marienta (to whom Field Marshall had pledged allegiance) never confirmed Field Marshall’s death. the news of the death of Field Marshall, in front of the journalists of cameroonweb.

While the news of Field Marshall’s death has been circulating on the web since the day before, his brother Chris Anu, in a message published on July 13 on WhatsApp forums, revealed that he had a telephone exchange with Field Marshall. The latter, adds Anu, received phone calls including from a person in the USA.

On August 13, 2022, a funeral in memory of Field Marshall is organized in the USA. No other Ambazonian general has not been entitled to it. Why only him? What is behind this preferential treatment?

Based on the above, gray areas continue to surround the case of the death of Field Marshall. At this time when the Ambazonian government led by Marienta (controlled by Yaoundé) is in tatters, tongues are starting to loosen up. It is already rumored within this dissident wing of the Ambazonian government that Chris Anu, in exchange for the promise made to certain dignitaries of the BIYA regime to divide the Ambazonian struggle, obtained that his brother’s life be spared and that he be exfiltrated from Cameroon. This exfiltration was masked by the staging of his death, it is said in Ambazonian circles. To be continued!>>

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