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It is now verified and proven. Field Marshall was definitely killed by the military. Information and photos in circulation since Tuesday on the web announced for the umpteenth time his death.

His real name Lekeaka Oliver Fongunueh “was” a formidable separatist militia leader reputed to be particularly virulent and who operated in Lebialem, a locality of Cameroon located in the South West region.

From security sources, the editorial staff of had more details on the operations that led to his neutralization and shared them with you.

For a long time, his death was announced but the latter came out unscathed and reappeared as if by magic. But after the announcement two days ago by the army,

During this interview relayed by Klein Reporters, it appears that even within the separatists, psychosis is growing and after the neutralization of Field Marshall by the army, it would be General No Pity himself who would be the next on the list. .

See here the version of the neutralization of Field Marshall, the version delivered by the Ambaboys.

“During his active lifetime Field Marshall of RED DRAGON in LEBIALEM was one of the most violent Terrorist groups in regions plagued by separatist violence.

This Terrorist leader had in his time massacred several separatists, therefore those of ADF who had a vision particular to his.

Several young separatists had been beheaded, executed and buried alive by Field Marshall, including many Cameroonian civilians including three traditional chiefs (Klein Reporters images below)

Since those times when Red dragon, a terrorist group with more than 750 members at the time, has committed these massacres against rival terrorist groups, against civilians and against the Cameroonian army via attacks, ambushes and use of Improvised Explosive Devices, all were therefore on the heels of Olivier Alekeake alias Field Marshall and had a tooth against this violent Terrorist.


While terrorist groups in particular ADF were formed to bring together more men, the Cameroonian army over time neutralized hundreds of Ambazonian Terrorists in LEBIALEM, one of the most violent Terrorist Groups in the English-speaking part of the country.

Faced with the military offensive of the Cameroonian army, Field Marshall escaped and faked his death during a military operation for a direction of neighboring Cameroon.

A few months later, when his death was announced, he reappeared via audio and then some time later via videos outside Cameroonian territory, this on several occasions, sticking out his chest and defying anyone again.

General surprise on the army side and on the Terrorist side.

The hunt is on again against a Terrorist leader who has lost everything during months of clashes.

But despite everything, his small circle of 8 to 10 men resists and is formed by about fifteen faithful including the formidable FONCHOR who organizes everything and continues to hit civilians and military positions sometimes.

In 2021 a unit of the Cameroonian army narrowly avoided encirclement and its massacre in LEBIALEM. For lack of a communication network to activate the explosive device, the Cameroonian soldiers that day, in the LEBIALEM, passed over the explosive device without blowing themselves up, a real miracle.

Disappointment for FONRHOR from the Red Dragon group who did not reach their goal.

In 2022, almost the same action is repeated on the same place of LEBIALEM, unfortunately despite the alerts, Images in support of Klein Reporters preventing this, the Cameroonian army loses at least two brave soldiers in LEBIALEM, jumped on an explosive which initially fails but miraculously triggers.

It is on June 05, 2022 that things begin to change. Field Marshall arrives in Cameroon and settles in the forest with the aim of rebuilding himself.

He decides on June 8 to call FONCHOR so that he gathers Certain former elements of the Red dragon for a briefing and to continue his Terrorist operations.

FONCHOR does so and specifies that the meeting with Field Marshall will take place in Menji in an isolated locality at the foot of a mountain (read Klein Reporters).

On June 9, most of the separatist veterans of LEBIALEM arrive on the scene and actually meet the one who was called in his time THE MESSI, THE ONE WHOSE HIS MURDERER IS NOT YET BORN.

That same day he appears in a drunken video, around ten members, FONCHOR is very moved to see him, tears flow. A video that sealed his death putting him in danger.

It was on June 12 very early on that a group of 5 to 6 people made up of ADF commandos having a grudge against Field Marshall, without weapons, posed as ex-members of the Red Dragon group who wanted to join for Field Marshall.

Everything goes well they are welcomed by FONCHOR at LEBIALEM, led into the forest by the one who took care and was the closest henchman to Field Marshall, who directs them into the forest to hide from the Terrorist this without weapons.

Once on the scene with confidence, they see their fellow Terrorist sitting down, the time they attack and exchange with him, without wasting time, they knock him out with a violent blow of a stick to the skull (stick placed on the scene of the crime which served to fix the shelter of the Terrorist field Marshall) the dagger, the strangulation and extinguishes it.

At the time of the aggressive move, the henchman attempts to escape, looking sickly, they catch up to him, puncture his rib with a dagger and extinguish him.

The head of the Terrorist operation decides to do the search, recovers the essential elements, films the remains of Field Marshall, indicates via anonymous messages and sends the coordinates to ex-combatants of the Terrorist group of a group (#@€ &€ KR) which begin to broadcast them on the web on June 12 in the evening.

It was on June 13 that the Cameroonian army, having been contacted via anonymous calls on the 12th, also decided to go to the scene to check the facts.

After several hours of walks and searches The army finds the body…

According to all indications, it is therefore possible that this is not only a settling of accounts which benefits civilians and the

Since 2019 Klein Reporters has counted at least 8 massacres between rival Terrorist Groups, including a dozen false generals killed during clashes resulting from leadership or settling of scores.

Tomorrow, the fake Terrorist General No PITY? »

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