Field Marshall knew he will be killed, Drank his last 33 Export Beer and Preached about Betrayal

Field Marshall knew he will be killed, Drank his last 33 Export Beer and Preached about Betrayal

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Field Marshall knew he will be killed, Drank his last 33 Export Beer and Preached about Betrayal

the king of Lebialem was eliminated by an army mole who infiltrated the Red Dragons.

“Cameroonian army intelligence had infiltrated Field Marshall’s Lebialem “Red Dragons” group by introducing a mole to track him. It was this mole who neutralized him by knocking him out with a violent blow of a club on the head while he was sleeping, ”says the source.

According to the latest news, Field Marshall multiplied esoteric rites before his death. He prepared his whole team against possible attacks from the enemy. As this video shows, he initiated two of his collaborators into occult practices.
A former soldier

Oliver Lekeaka, popularly known as Field Marshall, was a former Cameroonian army soldier turned Ambazonian separatist commander. He was born in December 1968 in the South West region of Cameroon. He had interrupted his studies and joined the Cameroonian army.

Lekeak was the leader of the “red dragon” militia. His armed group is part of the loosely structured Ambazonia Self-Defense Council and is loyal to the interim Ambazonia government. The “red dragon” is mainly active in Lebialem, a region in southwestern Cameroon. Oliver Lekeaka was the brother of Chris Anu, former Communications Secretary of the Interim Government of Ambazonia.

With the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis in September 2017, the soldier deserted his post in the Cameroonian army and joined the separatist camp, and eventually became the most powerful warlord in the Lebialem division. Due in part to Lebialem’s topography, the department has become a key battleground in the war, with Cameroon’s armed forces facing a tough fight against separatists. As a result, Oliver has become a key figure on the separatist side as well as a priority target for the Cameroon military.

On December 31, 2018, the Cameroonian military claimed to have killed Oliver. Statement that turned out to be false because it appeared in a video a week later.

In August 2019, his mother and sister were arrested in Yaoundé. Authorities claimed they hid the ransom money made by the “Red Dragon” militia for the hostage-taking. Lawyers claimed to have lost contact with Oliver. Oliver’s mother was released on November 20, while his sister was transferred to Kondengui central prison. On October 1, 2019, after driving out the traditional rulers of Lebialem, Oliver declared himself Supreme Ruler of Lebialem, prompting Cameroonian troops in the area to capture or kill him. Although they failed to find Oliver, there were casualties on both sides.

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