FECAFOOT: here are the real reasons for the breach of the contract of Le Coq Sportif

FECAFOOT: here are the real reasons for the breach of the contract of Le Coq Sportif

N Melo
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July 4, 2022 0

FECAFOOT: here are the real reasons for the breach of the contract of Le Coq Sportif

Samuel Eto’o no longer wants Le Coq Sportif. This decision considered brutal by the French equipment manufacturer which is preparing to dress the Indomitable Lions finds its source on several levels. The most popular reason is the falling out between Samuel Eto’o and his predecessor Seidou Njoya, who signed the Le Coq Sportif contract. According to sources, Samuel Eto’o, then a great friend of Seidou Mbombo Njoya, had wanted Fecafoot to renew Puma’s contract, which put 2 billion CFA francs on the table.

Fecafoot’s hesitations made the equipment manufacturer change its mind, but Samuel Eto’o was keen on Puma and was ready to invest himself personally in this matter. Against all odds, Seidou who had benefited from the support of Eto’o for his election decided not to follow the kingmaker’s advice any longer. This humiliation, Eto’o never digested it.

“Le Coq sportif is called to the rescue. He agrees to save the day by bringing the French back to the den. The numbers are nowhere near rivaling Puma’s, but Seidou takes what comes. We are talking about less than 600 million CFA francs annually. In other words, a pittance for the Indomitable Lions”, indicates the daily newspaper Le Jour in its delivery of July 04, 2022.

As if that were not enough, the Indomitable Lions, in the absence of equipment from the official equipment supplier Le Coq Sportif, are obliged to wear Puma outfits that they had in stock. Enough is enough. Samuel Eto’o finds this situation unbearable.

“Worse still, the selection is sorely lacking in Coq Sportif equipment, while tons of Puma brand equipment are stored in Fecafoot stores. Almost unique in the world, we see Cameroonian football teams dressed in Puma while the Fédé is already under contract with Le Coq Sportif. The pill does not pass and Eto’o refuses to digest what he considers an affront against his person and against Cameroon”, specifies the newspaper.

For its part, the Coq sportif judges the separation brutal but hopes that Fecafoot will reconsider its decision. “Le Cop Sportif therefore seized Fecafoot and its president Samuel Eto’o, in order to initiate the necessary discussions, in a constructive spirit and respectful of reciprocal commitments. We have no doubt that this exchange will make it possible to calmly continue the collaboration contracted by Fecafoot and Le Cop Sportif”, indicates the French equipment manufacturer.

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