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Far-north: Suspected of theft, a Gendarme beaten in Goulourgou by the populations

Far-north: Suspected of theft, a Gendarme beaten in Goulourgou by the populations

N Melo
by N Melo
July 1, 2022 0

Extreme-north: suspected of theft, a gendarme beaten in Goulourgou by the populations

• A gendarme was beaten up in Goulourgou by the population

• He was accused of having taken part in the robbery of a cattle trader

• The house sergeant was caught in the middle of the night at the cattle seller’s

This is a completely unprecedented fact. The quartermaster Mamat, in the company of some strangers, found himself in the concession of the name Pascal Pirsou, a cattle trader. The latter was robbed at home on the night of May 12 to 13 in the village of Goulourgou, district of Wina, a commune of Cameroon located in the Far North region and the Mayo-Danay department, on the border with Chad.

According to information relayed by the newspaper L’Oeil du Sahel, the robbers have promised to return to complete their work at the appropriate time. The inhabitants of this locality no longer slept with one eye open. On Wednesday June 22, Pascal Pirsou’s activities lead him to the Doukoula market. He spends the night in the capital of the district of Kar-Hay. Recognized as an inveterate disciple of Bacchus in the district of Wina, the quartermaster Mamat and his companions find themselves curiously at the merchant’s home in the middle of the night. A home yet located about two kilometers from his. The inhabitants of this bled rise as one man against the intruders. The constable’s companions manage to blend into nature, taking advantage of the dark night.

The sergeant Mamat gets on his motorcycle but hits a mausoleum. He is quickly mastered by the populations who accuse him of being an accomplice of the fleeing thieves. He was taken first to the gendarmerie brigade of Wina where he worked before being transferred to the gendarmerie company of Yagoua. Here, it is indicated that the pandora is not a thief but found himself in the merchant’s home under the influence of alcohol.
It should be remembered that Pascal Pirsou, a livestock trader, was picked up cold in the middle of the night by eight individuals armed with rifles on the night of May 12 to 13. In wanting to resist the thugs, he was seriously injured after receiving several machete blows to the head, back and everywhere. Finally, the executioners ended up winning four million francs.

While the economic operator escapes with a broken arm and head injuries. The population was kept at a distance by warning shots fired by these thugs. As they left the scene, the pack of bandits promised to return. On board the motorcycles, the robbers managed to flee that day in the direction of Bougaye in the neighboring district of Kalfou. According to the same sources, the people arrived at the home of the quartermaster Mamat that night to ask for his help, which they did not obtain.

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