Fame Ndongo, Laurent Esso, Motazé ..: the men Ngoh Ngoh worry about to take power [Jeune Afrique]

Fame Ndongo, Laurent Esso, Motazé ..: the men Ngoh Ngoh worry about to take power [Jeune Afrique]

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August 29, 2022 0

Fame Ndongo, Laurent Esso, Motazé ..: the men Ngoh Ngoh worry about to take power [Jeune Afrique]

Despite all his strengths, the succession battle will be very tough for Ngoh Ngoh, the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Cameroonian Republic, does not only have Cavidgate as a problem to solve. Often cited in the list of potential successors to Paul Biya, the SGPR must fight the powerful ‘lords’ of the Biya regime.

They often do not agree with his omnipotence and are often exacerbated by Paul Biya’s “instructions” which he very often passes on to them, and often with an “arrogance” with which they intend to put an end. Them? These are ministers, executives of the CPDM and brothers of the tribe of the head of state who in secret also dream of the presidential chair, or want to weigh all their weight in the choice of the successor of the old head of the

In an article, Jeune Afrique already analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the all-powerful Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. And among his weaknesses is the fact that there are several not least personalities in the regime, with whom he is not necessarily on good terms. Ngoh Ngoh will have to rally them to his camp, which is apparently impossible for the moment.

“Among them, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh. But the secretary general of the presidency, closer to the first lady Chantal Biya than to the head of state, lacks support within the party. He is not a member of the central committee and can only count on the support of the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, who is close to him.On the other hand, Laurent Esso, whom he regularly confronts through business and the media, will not be of any help to him. – that’s an understatement. And, within the political bureau, composed of fifteen members, Ngoh Ngoh is hardly better off”, writes Jeune Afrique about Ngoh Ngoh.

Ngoh Ngoh “is not on good terms with Jacques Fame Ndongo and with the Minister of Communication, René-Emmanuel Sadi, one of the party’s unofficial bosses. where the bosses of the South but also Laurent Esso and René-Emmanuel Sadi will never stop blocking his way”, analyzes a framework. “If the succession takes place within the CPDM, he has no chance”, slice a Cameroonian political scientist”, can we also read in this article by Jeune Afrique.

At the moment, a big storm is rising on the horizon of SGPR Ngoh Ngoh. He whom Cameroonians thought was untouchable was summoned and heard by the Special Criminal Court (TCS) a few days ago. According to information, the head of the

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