‘Eto’o promises are fake’: General Semengue unpacks everything

‘Eto’o promises are fake’: General Semengue unpacks everything

N Melo
by N Melo
September 6, 2022 0

‘Eto’o promises are fake’: General Semengue unpacks everything

Sacked a few days ago from the Professional Football League by Samuel Eto’o, General Pierre Semengue was quick to reveal to public opinion the excesses, false promises, and cunning of Samuel Eto’o .

Invited on Magic FM radio, the senior officer who led the Professional Football League in Cameroon made very shocking revelations (if true), about the true nature and true face of Samuel Eto’o.

The editorial staff of scop4.com has chosen a few telling extracts for you:

“I was just a flowerpot on the transitional council of professional football. It was Fécafoot that did everything. I thought that Samuel Eto’o really wanted to bring together the players in football, that’s why I accepted his extended hand trusting him. I even gave him advice for his campaign. I took him like a son. He promised me that I was there to normalize the league, but unfortunately nothing was done , even the league’s money has been recovered by Fécafoot. I really wanted things to work out but Eto’o is not sincere. He promises a lot of things but nothing is happening”.

“I didn’t expect my son to fire me. I expected us to meet to agree because there were too many problems. Appointment problems, salary problems, until As of today, the league’s staff have not been paid. Fécafoot has no jurisdiction to dissolve the league. The league is a member of Fécafoot, it is an association declared to the Minat. An association cannot dissolve another”.

“The league is a legally and financially independent entity. It’s completely stupid everything I hear there. I am surprised by the actions of my son Eto’o. He did not even warn me that he was going to validate the dissolution of the league. I asked for a meeting, but I

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