ENSET: she mysteriously dies of a stomach ache after her defense

ENSET: she mysteriously dies of a stomach ache after her defense

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June 20, 2022 0

ENSET: she mysteriously dies of a stomach ache after her defense

She is a brilliant student of ENSET

• She did her defense on Friday

• She died the same evening

• She was a brilliant student at ENSET

Mysticism is taking a new turn in Cameroon. A young civil engineering student lost her life after her defense at ENSET. She was from the 43rd promotion of DIPET I and DIPET II of ENSET Douala.

According to the testimonies of one and the other, she was so brilliant. On the day of her defense, she obtained an excellent mention with unparalleled eloquence.

After her defense at the École Normale Supérieure de l’Enseignement Technique, on Friday evening she had returned to her home where in the evening she suffered from stomach aches which got the better of her a few hours later.

The mystery surrounding his death still remains. Traces of poisoning are mentioned. For the time being, no investigation confirms this. But the probability is very strong.

Bafoussam: 6 people die after eating the same meal

In Bafoussam, six people died after eating the same meal. The drama took place in the Baleng district in the 2nd arrondissement of the city of Bafoussam in the western region. No track confirms yet if it is a death by poisoning or food poisoning. But, the hypothesis of poisoning prevails and it is in all the mouths of the inhabitants of the village.

Indeed, according to the testimonies of the populations, it is after having all attended the same traditional event, that the six people, inhabitants of the same district in Bafoussam have gradually lost their lives for a few days.

According to information received so far, the cases that have survived so far in health centers in Bafoussam are resuming with difficulty.

A few months ago, cases of poisoning increased in the country of Paul Biya. Whether children or adults, many people have left their lives there by recklessness.

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