Emy Dany Bassong is an  “undisciplined actress”

Emy Dany Bassong is an “undisciplined actress”

N Melo
by N Melo
July 16, 2022 0

Emy Dany Bassong is an “undisciplined actress”

• Ebenezer Kepombia made revelations

• Emy Dany Bassong was thrown to the slaughterhouse

• Since then, the actress has suffered criticism

A few days ago, the Cameroonian producer Ebenezer Kepombia alias Mitoumba unpacked everything on the SUN TV television channel. He said the actress and entrepreneur Emy Dany Bassong did not respect very clear commitments in the contract she signed to play in the famous series “Madame Monsieur”. What reproaches him Ebenezer Kepombia is not having been present during an important event for the series in Côte d’Ivoire.

Emy Dany Bassong had pretexted, according to the producer Ebenezer Kepombia , that she had a business meeting in Dubai that she couldn’t miss. As a “family man”,Ebenezer Kepombia understood her and allowed her to attend to her concerns.

Only, to the surprise of the producer, Emy Dany Bassong is off to enjoy the good life with her beloved son, with photos the actress has been posting en masse on social media. Ultimately, Ebenezer Kepombia alias Mitoumba wonders ifEmy Dany Bassong didn’t make fun of him.

Following the exit of the Cameroonian, The blonde coach published a message on Facebook in which she challenges the two people, especially Emy Dany Bassong .

Emy Dany Bassong and Mitoumba Ebenezer Kepombia , what’s going on?

Children with worried peace of mind, what interests them is not the truth, but rather the fruit of their imagination. No one wants to understand that Mitoumba Ebenezer Kepombia was right or not, but they just prefer to light the embers to throw their vain emotions into them.

Emy Dany Dany Bassong was under contract, she gave her word to be there for the promotion of the film, something she did not respect. It’s easy to say that the couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z de Ndogbong are tyrants, but never forget that they also report to Canal+.

And Canal+ being a big partner in the series, I think the best thing to do is to be serious. I will say that our actress is very undisciplined at this level and it is this indiscipline that sometimes sinks the greatest minds.

Today, you’re babbling all over the place wanting to prove her right for not having honored her contract, don’t forget that if today she can be familiar with the stars, it’s thanks to the person who doesn’t like that. ‘we say her name and the producer, and in turn she gave her talent back, but if we hadn’t believed in her in the beginning, she wouldn’t be the object of our boiling hormones.
We don’t like people saying what they want to hear, sometimes you often have to back them up to save their lives and their careers. Emy Dany Bassong , it’s simply called indiscipline; when you want to go far it’s good to keep your cool and move forward despite the storm, you were on the other side of the wall, you know what the world is like when you’re downtrodden.

You braved fate to be here, don’t ruin it with misunderstandings and guesswork. One day you will become great, but whoever does not know how to be a good servant, will not know how to be a good master. What I blame Jay-Z from Yopougon for is this lack of tact.

What this gentleman lacks is the management of people and his non-diplomatic language. How easily can you sit down and throw the one you say you consider your daughter into the mob?

I know what you’re trying to do, you just wanted to send a message to Canal+ and tell them that the one you like is sunbathing under Arab ultraviolet rays instead of promoting like others.

Sir, you should protect your children, hide their faults and blame them when you are alone. A little diplomacy my blondies! When you are asked: why is Emy Damy Bassong not here? You say: “she wanted to spend some time with her son, she gave too much this year…”. This is how leaders are recognized. It keeps you in a strong position.

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