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Emmanuel Macrons Failed Mission in Cameroon,France24- Watch VIDEO

Emmanuel Macrons Failed Mission in Cameroon,France24- Watch VIDEO

N Melo
by N Melo
July 27, 2022 0

Emmanuel Macrons Failed Mission in Cameroon- France 24

Emmanuel Macron left Cameroon earlier than expected. According to the official program of his trip, he should end his stay in Yaoundé this morning at 8am. The French president preferred to leave late at night, the day before. If Macron did not want to stay longer in Cameroon, it is because his stay did not go as planned. According to France 24, Emmanuel Macron failed to put pressure on Yaoundé. Paul Biya, in power for 40 years, would not have conceded anything to his host who preferred to leave in a hurry.

And yet, the Cameroonian political class expected a lot from this trip of the French head of state. More than a hundred opponents of the Biya regime have remained in prisons in the country since 2020. Questioned several times on this issue, Macron had promised to work on it. Nothing of the sort has been noted by analysts from France 24 who believe that France, whose influence is already suffering on the African continent, did not want to raise the issues that annoy President Paul Biya, 89, who would prepare his son to succeed him.

Everything seems to oppose President Emmanuel Macron and his counterpart Paul Biya. During the press conference that sanctioned the interview that the two personalities had at the Palace of Unity, several points of disagreement emerged between the two leaders.

In favor of a condemnation of the war in Ukraine and the taking of economic sanctions against Russia, Emmanuel Macron came up against a cold, impassive Paul Biya who throughout his speech refused to condemn the actions of Russia. On the contrary, Paul Biya called on the belligerents to dialogue and conciliation.

“President Macron and I are of the opinion that everything must be done to bring about a rapid cessation of hostilities. For this, the logic of confrontation must give way to that of conciliation and dialogue,” said Paul Biya.

As if that were not enough, Paul Biya returned to the charge thanks to a question from a French journalist. The war in Ukraine is not the major concern of the Yaoundé regime and Biya does not hide it. “People are worried about the war in Ukraine, we did not address this problem and it was out of the question for us to address it,” he said, referring to the trip of a Cameroonian minister to Russia at war in Ukraine.
Paul Biya despite the passage of Macron does not intend to review his agenda. He publicly reaffirms the excellent relations that unite Cameroon and Russia.

“Regarding the relationship with Russia, it is old and we had signed a cooperation agreement with this country which had expired. We renewed it and we signed it. My minister’s trip to Russia had nothing to do with the war situation in Ukraine. We are used to signing agreements of this kind (…) We thought that perhaps we were going to provide assistance to Russia. I believe that it does not need Cameroon’s contribution. It was just a matter of renewing the pre-existing agreement,” he said.

This position of Biya and African leaders in relation to the war in Ukraine is unbearable for the French president.

“We say a lot of approximate things about what is happening in Ukraine (…) The choice that has been made by the Europeans is in no way to participate in this war but to recognize it and rename it. Where I too often see hypocrisy, particularly on the African continent. I tell you this with great calm and serenity, he declared before expressing his surprise that the Africans could not qualify a war or designate the person who launched it. “, he replied to a Cameroonian journalist.

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