Émile Parfait Simb, cryptocurrency Scammer  on the run in Douala

Émile Parfait Simb, cryptocurrency Scammer on the run in Douala

N Melo
by N Melo
June 6, 2022 0

Last minute: Émile Parfait Simb on the run in Douala

Perfect Emile Simb would be on the run
This is exclusive information announced by whistleblower Boris Bertolt. Émile parfait Simb is on the run according to the latest information. For him, the businessman, who acts as a figurehead of Cryptocurrency in Cameroon, would have taken to their heels yesterday. It would be spotted at the level of the Central African Republic. The whistleblower promises the film of this spectacular escape in the hours to come.

It should be noted that Émile parfait Simb was arrested a few days ago and spent 48 hours in police custody before being released. Several complaints are before the courts concerning him, in particular the subscribers of Liyeplimal.
In the meantime, too, rumors had spread of an invitation from the Central African president. One also wonders if it is to this invitation that he finally surrendered. The days to come will edify us more The real reasons for the rapid release of Émile Parfait Simb Captured on May 26 at Douala international airport while he was trying to get to Morocco, Emile Parfait Simb only spent a few hours in detention. And for good reason, he activated his networks and long arms in order to be relaxed as quickly as possible. At the heart of a fraud case through the promotion of Liyeplimal, Emile Parfait Simb is now free of any movement, at least on Cameroonian soil.

Indeed, the promoter of Liyeplimal benefited from a release on two sureties. At first, Emile and his lawyers tried to benefit from the referral of the case to a higher court in Douala. For the time being, we do not know the people who vouched and signed his bond.

It should be remembered all the same that his passports were blocked in order to avoid any escape. Summoned several times, Emile Parfait Simb has never deigned to respond to the competent authorities. It was following this that a warrant to take him from the public prosecutor to the Yaoundé court of first instance was issued against him in order to compel him to appear.

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