Dr Modestine Yonzou, has a false Diploma and lives a fake life on facebook

Dr Modestine Yonzou, has a false Diploma and lives a fake life on facebook

N Melo
by N Melo
September 6, 2022 0

Dr Modestine Yonzou, has a false Diploma and lives a fake life on facebook

For Patience Emvoutou, Dr Modestine Yonzou would have false diplomas and maintain a large fabric of lies around her person. Emvoutou publishes a series of shocking revelations about Dr Modestine.

— “No woman who has my background can come and attack me on facebook. Because the real ones recognize and respect each other. Yonzou, you are not a doctor and your life is nothing but a tissue of lies. You see, I know how to distinguish the real from the virtual. In my real life, I live at home in Cameroon. My children and I sail between Africa and Europe. I have 2 companies in France identifiable on Google. As for you for 15 years, you cling to the snippets of images you see on Facebook to feel Cameroonian.

You have created a false image of opponent of the Biya regime to obtain papers, your imposture has been laid bare. The Guinean who married you left you because of the lies you were telling on Facebook. It is here on Facebook that he came to humiliate you.
You made Amer Kamer think you were rich, he found himself investing his crumbs to feed you. In the end, he ran away from the poor mythomaniac that you are.

It’s always here on Facebook that he came to humiliate you. Have you ever seen someone close to me talk down to me on Facebook? Because my loved ones know that I hide the real person that I am. Otherwise my real life is out of your reach.

In the virtual you are a university researcher who earns a big salary,

Otherwise, the respect and consideration given to me by Internet users comes from the fact that all my words are illustrated by tangible proof.
And not because I show them that I am rich.

When you look at my parents, you can understand that I haven’t suffered too much in my life to be obsessed with the outward signs of wealth.
Yonzou, I’m on a small Facebook page to entertain myself with my loved ones.
Otherwise, I was the first of all the classes from primary school to high school in Manjo, I was invited to a podium and 1500 students applauded me.

Aimée Pulchérie Fotsing and Stephy Mbonjo can tell you that. All my friends, my former colleagues, my university comrades, my collaborators of the Marlène Emvoutou foundation, are on my Facebook page. Can you imagine what it would be like if I invented a life for myself? But I would never write “I have the synchronous of the first of the class.”

However, I am the first woman in Cameroon to have applied for the presidency of FECAFOOT. I am the first woman from the southern region to be president of the regional league. I am the first woman to have been thrown into prison and then appointed immediately upon leaving to positions of responsibility at FECAFOOT. It’s because I’m real. I have a real doctorate. I am the only intellectual who publishes his diplomas on Facebook.

Materially, I have more money than you. And this is not a debate. Madam virtual doctor”.

N Melo
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