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Dikolo case: Dion Ngute caught in a trap

Dikolo case: Dion Ngute caught in a trap

N Melo
by N Melo
May 27, 2022 0

Dikolo case: Dion Ngute caught in a trap

Tension rises in Douala

The people of Dikolo are not letting up after the violent eviction of which they are victims. Almost every day, they organize spontaneous demonstrations to demand the retrocession of their property. In an open letter addressed to Paul Biya, Patrice Ekwe Edimo Silo, President of the French section of the Progressive Movement calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. He accuses the latter of having violated the laws of the Republic of Cameroon and fooled the people of Dikolo to whom he promised to re-examine their case.

To: His Excellency Paul BIYA

This is the first time in the history of Cameroon that a Government of the Republic has ordered the destruction of an entire village, the breaking down of houses and the expulsion of indigenous people from their land, the land of their ancestors, for the benefit of a private hotel, a crooked businessman. I think of the natives of Dikolo-Bali, descendants of King Rudulf DUALA MANGA BELL, who fought against the German settlers for the expropriation of their land in the 1910s.

On May 14, 2022, at 6:30 a.m. in Douala Bali, in the district of Dikolo, history repeated itself. On that day, things quickly got out of hand: it was no longer the German colonists, but a Cameroonian, the Prefect of Wouri, Mr. Benjamin Mboutou, who was in charge of carrying out the dirty work of the Cameroonian government for the benefit of a crooked businessman. He then took action. He sent the big guns and the police force to break down houses and expel the natives of Dikolo-Bali, expropriating an entire village for the construction of a private hotel. A private hotel, for the Cameroonian Government, is worth more than several life stories, the life of a family of more than seven (7000) thousand years! Acts of extreme violence against men, women and children, in a word, families who claim their right, as the law allows, to live in peace next to the graves of their ancestors.


They are the descendants of this land steeped in history! There have been cries, tears and pain! We are all equal and no one should dictate our conduct! We are not dominated nor dominant but full human beings with our emotions, our desires, our dreams. We embody the country of fraternity, justice and progress!

A state scandal with a vast corruption scandal in the background. We are no longer in a democracy! It is really time to put things in order!
The Preamble of the Constitution states: The Cameroonian people, proud of their linguistic and cultural diversity, an element of their national personality which they contribute to enrich, but deeply conscious of the imperative need to perfect their unity, solemnly proclaim that they constitute one and the same nation, committed to the same destiny, and affirm their unshakeable will to build the Cameroonian homeland on the basis of the ideal of brotherhood, justice and progress;

The People of Cameroon, Proclaims that every human being, without distinction of race, religion, sex or creed, possesses inalienable and sacred rights; Affirms its attachment to the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and all related and duly ratified international conventions, in particular the following principles

– The state shall ensure the protection of minorities and preserve the rights of indigenous peoples in accordance with the law;

Every person has the right to life and to physical and moral integrity. They must be treated humanely in all circumstances. In no case may they be subjected to torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment;


– The nation shall protect and promote the family, the natural basis of human society. The nation shall protect and promote the family, the natural basis of human society, and shall protect women, the young, the elderly and the disabled;

TITLE ONE Of the State and Sovereignty ARTICLE ONE

(2) The Republic of Cameroon is a decentralized unitary State.
It shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law.
TITLE II The Executive Branch CHAPTER I The President of the Republic ARTICLE 5: (1) The President of the Republic is the Head of State.

(2) Elected by the entire Nation, he shall embody national unity; he shall define the policy of the Nation; he shall ensure compliance with the Constitution; he shall ensure, through his arbitration, the regular functioning of public authorities;

(3) He shall ensure the internal and external security of the Republic.
ARTICLE 10: (1) The President of the Republic shall appoint the Prime Minister and, on his proposal, the other members of the Government. He shall determine their powers and duties and shall terminate their functions;

ARTICLE 12: (1) of the Constitution specifies that the Prime Minister is the head of the Government and directs its action. (2) He is responsible for the execution of the laws. (4) He directs all the administrative services necessary for the accomplishment of his mission.

For the record,

The Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, had been informed of these serious facts by the deputies Joshua Osih, Soppo Toute Marlyse and Albert Doigt Collins of Douala-Wouri center (1st constituency) and His Majesty Jean Yves Eboumbou Douala Manga Bell, the superior chief of the Canton Bell in January 2022, but at no time did he refer the matter to the competent services for the clarification of the Dikolo-Bali case


On the other hand, the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, by promising the deputies of Wouri Centre and the Paramount Chief of Bell Township that he would re-examine the Dikolo-Bali case, knowing that he already knew that he would do nothing, except confirm the breaking of houses and the expulsion of the natives to do a service to a crooked businessman, the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, is therefore guilty of violating Article 12 of the Constitution.


The Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute, had knowledge of the Dikolo-Bali case, including the moral and legal situation of the promoter of this swindle, not to mention certain members of his government: the Ministers of Land, Finance and Justice. These three Ministries are key Ministries involved in the Dikolo-Bali case concerning, on the one hand, land and investment problems, and on the other hand, problems of justice and laws. Today, all of these revelations reveal mafia-like practices and methods of corruption that should not exist in a state governed by the rule of law. Beyond the schemes, scheming, plots, these methods, these behaviors of the State of Cameroon raise questions:

Why did Mr. Henri Eyebe Ayissi, Minister of Lands, Cadastre and Land Affairs grant a disproportionate, extraordinary lease to the so-called representative of the Marriott Group with the mention of a DUP (Declaration of Public Utility), for the construction of a private hotel? Why was it so difficult for the Prime Minister, Head of Government, in January 2022, following his meeting with the deputies of Wouri Centre and the Paramount Chief of Bell Canton, to cancel the expropriation decree in question?
We would like to hear the answers of the President of the Republic, His Excellency Paul Biya.

The Prefect of Wouri, Mr. Benjamin Mboutou, is responsible for the failure of the Duala police force, which undermines their work in society in front of the citizens. Indeed, a Prefect, in this case, the Prefect of Wouri, Mr. Benjamin Mboutou, who uses the police force and the big guns to go and break up houses and throw out peaceful citizens, knowing that this is a mafia and illegal affair, that the reality of the documents was full of forgeries and lies, can only harm this institution.



Mr. President of the Republic, Paul Biya, we ask you to launch a procedure for the resignation of the Government as allowed by ARTICLE 10 of the Cameroonian Constitution.

(1) The President of the Republic shall appoint the Prime Minister and, on his proposal, the other members of the Government. He shall determine their powers and duties; he shall terminate their functions;

A Government that does not respect our Constitution has no business exercising this function. This is why we demand the immediate resignation of the Government of Mr. Dion Nguté. The pact of trust is broken and makes the future missions of this Government impossible. De facto, the opprobrium is thrown on the whole government.

We also demand the creation of a commission of inquiry to clarify the Dikolo-Bali case!

We know that this would involve many of our elites, and that it may discourage or scare some of them. But does allowing an injustice to take place “out of fear” make us a truly free people? Yes, we are against the expropriation decree of Dikolo-Bali, yes we think that the Government of Mr. Joseph DION NGUTE must resign!

The very meaning of a democracy, for us, is that the people embody the power!
A Government that no longer protects its citizens, that lets the houses be broken and the natives be evicted for the benefit of finances, of a private hotel, which is very serious, that lies to us since the beginning of this Dikolo-bali file, that lets the graves of the ancestors be profaned without taking into account either history or traditions. But it is a GENOCIDE! It is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! Shame on all those who support this disastrous project. I am still polite, but I have a lot on my mind! Especially since at this moment “T”, today May 26, 2022, the police force encircles all Bali. The harassment continues on the territory of King Rudulf DUALA MANGA BELL!


How can the Cameroonian PEOPLE still adopt and plebiscite this Government. I can’t understand it anymore. Cameroonians are always complaining but do not do what is necessary. This Government humiliates us all the time. There is more and more aggression towards the Cameroonian people and more and more laxity for the thugs, scoundrels and scoundrels. What a country we live in! There are people in this Government who have a lot of pots and pans that they drag around, but “everything is fine, madame la marquise”! A HONOR!

Patrice Ekwe Edimo Silo

President of the French section of the Progressive Movement

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