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Cross Dresser: Shakiro drops a new bomb

Cross Dresser: Shakiro drops a new bomb

N Melo
by N Melo
July 29, 2022 0

Cross Dresser: Shakiro drops a new bomb

Shakiro makes new statements on homosexual life

• He says he will soon leave social networks

• He indexes Cameroonian justice

Shakiro will soon leave social networks. The homosexual returned to a free forum where he first challenges Mani Bella and talks about his life in Cameroon.

“Mani Bella, I followed your advice and I promise to become an example for my family in particular. I don’t need to be an example to society as even the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth, he lived a perfect life but he was still crucified on The Cross. You can never please everyone,” Shakiro said.

“Before my incarceration, I was a vibrant transgender woman, who became very famous through my hilarious videos, my humor, my authenticity, my outspokenness and above all my ability to transform myself into a very beautiful woman at using my makeup brushes. And some women even envy me often, how can a man be more beautiful than me. And that’s it #Shakiro (a woman trapped in a man’s body). And it got me a lot of fans around the world and also a lot of haters because Africa doesn’t really know what (TRANSGENDER) means.

According to Shakiro, we are all born free and equal before the law and therefore for him, homosexuality is not a mental illness.

“Despite our African mores, Shakiro has always come to terms with her gender identity as a transgender woman. Shakiro is this ball of energy who always gets up despite all the humiliations, the multiple beatings she has suffered in her life. I just had the misfortune to be born in the African continent. There are gay and transgender people everywhere. Stop thinking it was imported from the settler. Homosexuality is not a mental illness. We are all born equal in dignity and rights,” Shakiro continues.

“In conclusion, Cameroonian justice is not fair at all. Mom Mani Bella, Mom Alice Nkom, I promise to stay calm and disappear from social networks because it is always these same social networks that have destroyed me. I will go back to my hibernation and cure this disorder and its sequels from the prison first. I assure you that prison is hell on earth. Even on your worst enemy, you should never wish prison. The abominable things I saw in that damn Newbell prison! I am now relieved to have told all these atrocities that I suffered in the central prison of New-Bell”, concluded Shakiro.

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