Couple: Noëlle Kenmoe ends her relationship with Fingon Tralala

Couple: Noëlle Kenmoe ends her relationship with Fingon Tralala

N Melo
by N Melo
September 18, 2022 0

Couple: Noëlle Kenmoe ends her relationship with Fingon Tralala

Noelle Kenmoe officially announced it. She ended her romantic relationship with Fignon Tralala. “So that it doesn’t go all over the place, I’m never going to allude to him again!” I promise you! Now I focus on the products I sell, autism, Paul Kagame and Rwanda! Family is natural. I never want to refer to him again. He took it badly to go and post that woh woh woh, yet it was a joke, ”she said in a live.

“What surprises me is that when I speak well of him it doesn’t bother me. I ask eh, I only have to make the t-shirt with his picture on it that I first made for Paul Kagame? I’m still going to comment but I’m not going to refer to him Massah anymore. I’m not driving the point home. It went all over the place! They called me to threaten me. Is it Paul Kagame? I don’t ask! I said that ! If you see me crying here one day live, someone is dead! I said here that the only people for whom I can be found jumping on the Wouri bridge are my two children and my mother. For my little brother I only stay here on the balcony to jump. The rest something hurts me I digest, I sleep nor? “, she specifies.

“Who is going to die for someone? Am I Noelle of Nazareth? What do you want me to do? What does the t-shirt with his name Koo “fingon tralala I love you so much, I can daï for you?? Yet I cannot die for him? Ahiiiiii! It’s even like my old marriage, the sad Didonc things! Something you can’t even laugh at. You’re laughing in the house someone is coming out oohh why are you laughing?? That I do not comment! The phone that I bought with my money, my own money, my connection that I put with my own money. Ehhhh I said from today I don’t mention it anymore.

What annoys me is that the day you do well we don’t see, Ehh sorry I’m taking this opportunity to go out in that abek! Can’t we joke anymore? If I can’t joke with him I will joke with who eh! ?? Is it the relationship of the wrestlers? It is to form a beautiful couple there which is hard?? Even with another I can form a beautiful couple. I always formed a beautiful couple with cacharel nor?? Is that what’s hard? If we no longer calculate each other, we no longer call each other, even childbirth it’s on Facebook that he will learn like you! “, hammered Noelle Kenmoe.

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