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The Standards and Quality Agency, whose main mission is to ensure the quality of the products put on sale on our markets, does nothing, it is similar to this superfluous structure which is put in place for political rewards and she is, they say, a cask of the danaides.

On March 22, 2022, the departmental delegate for Lékié from the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries (Minepia) visited the field to touch on the reality experienced by the populations in the markets of its area of ​​action. This descent followed several complaints from the populations of the town of Obala, as to the quality of the fish served by Congelcam. During his journey, nearly 5000kg of fish of different varieties were seized.

“All these products intended for mass consumption were of poor quality and unsuitable for people to eat. It was imperative to carry out this seizure to prevent them from being marketed, as this could create household food poisoning,” the delegate said.

Since the occurrence of this other scandal in the department of Lékié, Charles Boniface Boto’o in Ngon and his teams have entered the “sissongo” as usual, abandoning the poor populations to their sad fate. If the recent news of adulterated wines and spirits as well as siphoned gas cylinders had put the Mincommerce in the forefront in terms of repression, it is since the appearance of Covid-19 that we have realize that ANOR is useless and limited in the accomplishment of its missions.

At the height of this pandemic in our country, the markets were invaded by various players offering products such as hydro-alcoholic gels, protective masks, gloves, etc. quality not always proven. To put an end to this anarchy, under the aegis of Anor, 14 standards were adopted, approved and made mandatory by order of the Minister of Mines, Industry and Technological Development.

This meant that from now on, any product imported or manufactured locally and concerned by these Cameroonian standards, was required to present a Certificate of Conformity issued by Anor, required during the customs clearance procedure or during checks. As oh can see almost a year later, apart from Cicam which complied in the manufacture of the masks, the market remained flooded with non-compliant products.

Invisible visibility

Paradoxically, the signing of the presidential decree of March 2019 on the reorganization of ANOR had been greeted with both hands by consumers who had believed in a desire by decision-makers to finally clean up this sector in conjunction with other sectors, in particular Mincommerce, Minepia, Minader and the Minmidt.

Today, we even ask ourselves the question of knowing why so many structures for the same activity? And at the end who does what? What is obvious is that the Anor, whose main mission is to ensure the quality of the products offered for sale on our markets, is only a simple sounding board.

Because she has reduced herself to a passive observer and hello to the foodborne illnesses we buy and eat every day. It must be said, a product of poor quality when consumed is always the cause of serious illnesses, resulting in deaths by the shovel. It’s unfortunate to see that in a normal country, corporate social responsibility is just an empty word used by politicians.

“How to understand that a company can sell rotten fish to the populations? What is the quality approach implemented by Anor? What quality control is performed within this company. Does it even exist…”? The political entrepreneur Rolande Ngo Issi Mbock protested in a forum widely shared on social networks.


Created in 2009 by presidential decree, Anor, operational since February 2010, has among other missions to contribute to the development and implementation of government policy in the field of standardization and quality in Cameroon, disseminating information on standards and quality. The Standards and Quality Agency (Anor) is content with approving standards, without ensuring that they are sufficiently disseminated and strictly applied.

Before 2019, market control and surveillance operations were carried out by the Ministry of Commerce (Mincommerce) and the other administrations concerned. But in March 2019, a decree from the Head of State reorganized Anor and assigned it the mission of quality control of products on the market, in liaison with the other administrations concerned. Therefore, the organization headed by Charles Boniface Boto’o in Ngon is now responsible for ensuring that the products marketed on the national territory comply with regulatory requirements.

Through its new mission of quality control of products on the market, “Anor is positioning itself not only as a strategic partner for the protection of consumer health and safety but also for the sanitation of the Cameroonian economic space”, Satisfied the Director of Quality Control and the Repression of Offenses at Anor, Serge Sadjo Yanji, during an awareness workshop for journalists organized in Yaoundé on February 25, 2021.

Indeed, with an 8-step methodology including: visual inspection of products and production premises or stores, seizure of products (if applicable), taking of samples, monitoring of the execution of checks-calculation of fines in the event of infringements (100% of net profit or 5% of projected turnover), recovery of fines and monitoring of recycling, downgrading or destruction of products; Anor has the assets to spare consumers and the national economy goods of dubious quality.

Unfortunately, its action in the field remains problematic in the face of recurrent seizures of various damaged products. All eyes remain on the public authorities in order to sanction such inertia.

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