Coco Emilia speaks out about the death of her best friend

Coco Emilia speaks out about the death of her best friend

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June 2, 2022 0

Coco Emilia speaks out about the death of her best friend

– Her funeral took place last weekend

– Coco Emilia gives advice to her community in relation to this

Still morally weakened by the tragic loss of his best friend Yann Ketchanga, Coco Emilia has been less present on social networks. However, she returns on the subject this day by giving advice to people who follow her on her networks. She invites everyone to focus on their own lives while enjoying their achievements, whether they are valuable or not.

“The death of my best friend, who was also Sophie’s twin made me confirm that you have to live for yourself, luckily I live for me so I don’t regret later. Stop focusing on other people’s lives, you only have one life, there is no draft, you only live once.

Enjoy life to the fullest because all you will leave on earth are vanities. They say vanity of vanities, everything is vanity, let’s enjoy these vanities. God gave me the grace to have everything I have, I thank him and I enjoy these graces. When we die, we die alone. My best friend is gone, I will mourn him from time to time, his parents too, but I must continue to live and achieve for me and my family,” she said before adding to conclude “Concentrate and arrange to leave good memories to your family, your friends. Both moral and material memories. Live your lives”.

Recall that Yann Ketchanga, son of MP Celestin Ketchanga died last February and the autopsy revealed that he died as a result of food poisoning that some and others have described as poison.

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