Clumsy action of the cpdm upon arrival of colonialist - Latest Updates on business and health
Clumsy action of the cpdm upon arrival of colonialist

Clumsy action of the cpdm upon arrival of colonialist

N Melo
by N Melo
July 26, 2022 0


Clumsy action of the cpdm upon arrival of colonialist

 Emmanuel Macron went to Cameroon

• He was welcomed by a jubilant crowd through the streets

• We see several members of Paul Biya’s CPDM

Emmanuel Macron arrived on the night of this Monday, July 25, 2022. He was welcomed by Cameroonian Prime Minister Dion Ngute at Nsimalen airport.

When he got off the plane and after the reception formalities, in particular the military tributes, Emmanuel Macron broke the protocol by approaching the huge crowd who had come to greet him.

This crowd, composed mostly of members of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (RDPC), was there as indicated by the leaders of the ruling party.

First leg of my visit to Cameroon, Benin and Guinea-Bissau. We continue to work to renew the relationship between Africa and France,” captioned the video, French President Emmanuel Macron on his Facebook page.

For many, this practice is a strong signal of modern domination or even modern slavery by Europe over Africa. “How many French people go out into the street to welcome African presidents?” wonders an apparently revolted internet user.

“Even in his own country, he is not welcomed like that! Africa will always amaze me,” added another.

“We bring grandparents and children from distant lands to come and applaud the great master of the country and give the impression that he is appreciated. What cinema! A memorable shame for a country where rights and freedoms are flouted,” added another internet user.

” What a shame!

Should the Cameroonian people expect anything from French President Emmanuel Macron?

According to a disastrous tradition which dates from the time of the slave trade, criminal colonial invasions and the French-African mafia established by General de Gaulle and his henchman Jacques Foccart at the end of the 1950s, so-called “French-speaking” Africa does not can live only to the rhythm of the Western powers which dominate it, and in particular of the French power which persists in considering it as its “zone of influence” or its “backyard”.

In this gloomy perspective, any trip by a French Head of State to this region of the world is struck by the expectations of the leaders and peoples of “French-speaking” Africa towards the great white Chief visiting his empire. The leaders hope for the extension of their mandates as vassals, while the people hope for the Head of the French Empire to grant some prodigious liberalities, such as development aid, scholarships, visas, a little more of French-style democracy, or the facilitation of access to suicidal loans from the World Bank, the IMF, the Clubs of Paris, Washington or London.

But darkness cannot forever obstruct true light. It is an immemorial law of Nature. It is unfortunately for the dominators of France and Africa and very fortunately for the dominated of Africa and France that this slave trade, colonialist and imperialist tradition no longer holds water. The African demographic growth, the opening of young minds to influences from around the world via social networks, the rebirth of the multi-millennial historical consciousness of African civilization, are shaking up the Franco-African imperial order. A new Africa, uninhibited, daring, determined to regain its dignity, is everywhere pushing back the discriminatory barriers of domination imposed on the cradle of humanity for five centuries.

The Western imperial order in general and the French in particular is inexorably crumbling and collapsing in Africa. We observe it very well in particular on the mystical diagonal of the current African emancipation which goes from Bangui in the Central African Republic to Bamako in Mali.

In this second perspective, the African people of Cameroon expect nothing, neither from the quarantine regime of Paul Biya, which has failed in all respects to build a peaceful, free, sovereign and prosperous nation, nor from the neocolonialist policy of France in Cameroon, which through the CFA Franc, military influence, economic monopolies and the control of ideas, is just as accountable for the failure of its foals Ahmadou Ahidjo (1960-1982) and Paul Biya (1982-2022) in Cameroon.

The only real hope for the Cameroonian people is to recover against the local alienation of the neocolonial CPDM-UNC regime, but also against the geopolitical alienation of the imperial regime of the 5th French Republic, through a transregional, transreligious mobilization, transethnic, pan-African. This mobilization and it alone will make it possible to rebuild, on the baptismal font of the Maatic African civilization of Cameroon, a true cradle of our children comparable to the cradle of our ancestors. A country where the human respects the human and all humanity respects nature; a country where justice reigns in all orders, from the socio-economic sphere to the political institution; a country dedicated to high science.

Solidarity, Truth and Justice are the values ​​of Civilization of the African Renaissance of the 21st century. And it is neither French President Emmanuel Macron nor the French-African vassal Paul Biya who will achieve them for the African people of Cameroon, but this people themselves, when they emerge en masse from their current dogmatic slumber. This was already the perspective outlined in my 2014 book published in Paris, “Critique of the Cameroonian Tragedy”, more topical than ever,” added Dr. Franklin Nyamsi.

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