Chief Moja Moja upset against government and authorities for not motivating his fight against ambazonians

Chief Moja Moja upset against government and authorities for not motivating his fight against ambazonians

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May 27, 2022 0

Chief Moja Moja upset against government and authorities for not motivating his fight against ambazonians

Moja Moja expressed his displeasure

• Moja Moja has expressed his dissatisfaction

• He sends a strong message to the authorities

• His video has gone viral

Chief Moja Moja seems very upset against Biya and the Cameroonian authorities. In a video that has gone viral on the web, Chief Moja Moja attacks the authorities for failing to motivate those who are fighting hard to hunt down the separatists.

“My respects to all my chiefs here in Cameroon. I am Chief Moja Moja that today we have the ”Regional House”, we have the ”House of Chief” and the money comes for the development of our communities. The money also comes ‘is to fight against Ambazonian secessionists who want to divide our country. But it’s been since they’ve been here, I don’t know what they’re doing with the money. That’s my car, that’s what I’m going to fight the secessionists with. They (the authorities) don’t even give me 5l of fuel…Them, it’s to buy their cars, it’s to waste state money. So I pray to God that we send the money to ask them what they do with the money. We fight, we create vigilance committees, no motivation … “, he lamented in his video that has gone viral.

The involvement of the army and the guarantors of culture remains undeniable so far in the Anglophone crisis.

anglophone crisis: Chief Moja Moja captures a living Amba Boy

Cameroon is making headlines in the national and international press with a military cooperation agreement signed with Moscow on April 12, 2022. This new collaboration should enable the State of Cameroon to militarily overcome secessionist armed groups in the English-speaking regions without forget the Islamic sect Boko Horam in the Far North region. While waiting for the realization of this new agreement, the clashes continue on the various fronts. The highly controversial traditional and military leader (member of the BIR), Moja Moja is creating buzz with a new video in which he claims to have fought several Amba Boys.

Moja Moja says he had exchanges of gunfire with the armed groups for half an hour. He said he injured several Ambazonian fighters and recovered many cell phones. Arguably Moja Moja’s greatest spoils during this operation is the arrest of an alleged Ambazonian fighter. He says he mastered it alone, with his bare hands.

Controversial figure

Ewome Eko John aka Moja Moja, chief of Bwassa village in Buea subdivision, also a member of Cameroon’s elite military unit, the Rapid Intervention Battalion -BIR, rose to fame during the deadly conflict in the northwestern and southwestern regions of the country.

But the man is awkwardly illustrated in the fighting between the soldiers of the BIR and the armed secessionists. According to the information, Moja Moja is not a competent soldier.

It is said that instead of going to fight the armed separatists where they are camped, Moja Moja, after drinking to a stupor and taking drugs, delights in annoying ramblings with his friends, the weapon not loaded by hand.

Otherwise, the leader of the “Na We We” bloc is to spread hatred against the people of the North West region, especially those residing in Buea.

He is known to have issued a 24-hour ultimatum to people of North West origin to leave Buea. He also grabbed and beat a man in a video simply because the man was a native of the North West region. He also arrested an alleged No Pity woman and her children as hostages while the pregnant woman is married to another.

Chief Moja Moja has attacked women and children in the restive English-speaking regions. He is described in Buea as a leader, a militiaman who also wants to play the role of the judicial police, the public prosecutor and the magistrate.

Moja Moja has placed himself above the law with the full support of Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, traditional chief of Bogongo village, Ndian division of the South West region.

This situation worries Mimi Mefo who wonders about this complicit silence of judicial and political leaders on the madness of Mojo Moja. No later than November 15, 2021, Tapang Ivo announces that Moja Moja escaped death while being targeted by BIR.

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