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Célestin Tawamba humiliates Dion Ngute again…Jeune Afrique

Célestin Tawamba humiliates Dion Ngute again…Jeune Afrique

N Melo
by N Melo
June 30, 2022 0

Célestin Tawamba humiliates Dion Ngute again… Jeune Afrique

During his visit to Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), within the framework of the Africa Ceo Forum, the president of the Inter-employer Group of Cameroon, Celestin Tawamba was questioned by Jeune Afrique on his relations with Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute. As a reminder, the boss of Gigam had refused in December 2021 the invitation of the Prime Minister to participate in a session of the Cameroon Business Forum (CBF). Celestin Tawamba does not deny his complicated relationship with the head of government. “I cannot tell you if there was tension between employers and the government. What I can tell you is that our referral to participate in the CBF session scheduled for December 2021 was made a few days before the scheduled date, following which we indicated our unavailability to take part, and this for one main reason: the employers had not been associated with the preparatory work for the session.”, he declared.

He also took the opportunity to list his grievances against the initiative led by the Prime Minister’s office.

“There were three consequences: the date of the meeting had not been set by mutual agreement, the number of participants from the private sector did not seem representative to us, the themes chosen were totally out of step with the economic situation of the moment. “, he specifies.

The president of Gicam has his own idea of ​​the framework in which discussions between the public sector and government authorities should take place. Indeed in 2020 he had already proposed in the Gicam white paper, a complete overhaul of the CBF.

“We are talking about an inclusive functioning structure, with actors in legitimate and representative dialogue, in-depth discussions upstream of forums and indicators that would be in line with the axes of development, which would be decided in a concerted manner. And above all of a permanent framework, endowed with viable operational and strategic bodies, where the follow-up of resolutions and recommendations will not be optional. Can it be put in place? Certainly yes, it is a question of political will. he.

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