Cameroonians taken hostage by Syrian ‘terrorists’ in Turkey

Cameroonians taken hostage by Syrian ‘terrorists’ in Turkey

N Melo
by N Melo
September 16, 2022 0

Cameroonians taken hostage by Syrian ‘terrorists’ in Turkey

This is information that sends shivers down the spine. Indeed, it comes back to us, from concordant races that Cameroonians are made hostages by terrorist gangs while they were traveling to Greece via Turkey. The kidnappers demand ransoms before releasing them.

Cameroonians despite everything do not hesitate to go on an adventure via illegal immigration channels. It has happened on several occasions that groups of Cameroonians have been announced to perish on the road to adventure.
This time, the case is very complex. This is a real hostage situation.

“Cameroonians going to Greece via Turkey have been diverted and kidnapped from their journey by Syrian guides. And now here they are being tortured by Syrian terrorists asking for ransoms at huge costs and they are calling for help from the whole world”.

Several voices are already rising to appeal to the leaders to do everything possible to help these Cameroonians in distress.

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