Cameroon: Here is the most corrupt ministry in the government…Cabral Libii

Cameroon: Here is the most corrupt ministry in the government…Cabral Libii

N Melo
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May 24, 2022 0

Cameroon: Here is the most corrupt ministry in the government…Cabral Libii

Cabral Libii tackles the Ministry of Decentralization

The president of the Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation (Pcrn) also denounces the growing corruption in the Ministry of Decentralization.

On the set of the program Face à l’Actu of Sunday, May 22, 2022 on Stv, a private media broadcasting from Douala in Cameroon, Cabral Libii, said he was shocked by the management of the Ministry of Decentralization. “The corruption in this ministry exceeds that in hell,” says the elected representative of the nation, who nevertheless reassures that he will change the situation once in power.

“Cameroon will recover from 2025 when he will be President of the Republic. I can reassure you that from 2025, when I will be in charge of this country, it will recover,” said Cabral Libii, who also returned to the situation of Cameroonians evicted in Dikolo in the first district of Douala.

“The State should have recognized the property of these people who will be cleared, compensate them and give them a minimum of humanity, a fair compensation, a place to resettle and even accompany them to find a new home. The State must solve this problem because if we are not careful, the social explosion that this affair will cause one day will be unprecedented. That all those who have customary property rights on Cameroonian land, let’s automatically give them the land title,” he assures.

Legal trickery

As for the iron convention of Lobé, he also has something to say. “When you read this convention, there is something that strikes you. It is vague on what Cameroon will gain. It is completely silent on what the co-contractor will gain. If I ask you: What does the co-contractor company gain? You can’t tell me. But it is a legal trick where they will give you a number of figures so that you understand that in fact, everything they tell you that Cameroon will earn is already in the 25 billion. We ask the president of the republic not to sign the permit for the exploitation of the Lobe-Kribi iron by the Chinese, in its current state,” says the president of the Pcrn.

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