Cameroon: Fake Colonel Captured by a Commander

Cameroon: Fake Colonel Captured by a Commander

N Melo
by N Melo
June 19, 2022 0

Cameroon: a fake colonel captured by a commander

• Chief Ndongo was a thief in disguise

• He misled the vigilance of the populations

• He was arrested by a commander

Life is patterns, often says whistleblower Nzui Manto. In Libamba, it’s the end of the race for a false colonel captured by his colleagues.

Indeed, Ndongo Yves, aged 47 and a native of Sangmelima, aroused respect and fear thanks to his stripes stamped with 2 stars licking his shoulders maliciously.

“Chief Ndongo” had made the bushy village of Libamba a hunting ground behind closed doors where he alone had the right to launch an assault on the game which, with “my respects, my great colonel”, regularly caused the whiskey of the chef even in lean times, we learn.

“Chief Ndongo, beret covering part of the mop of hair and belt cutting the kidneys, kept reminding the people that his Excellency Paul Biya, concerned about the rampant insecurity, had personally affected him in the village so that he could put out of state of harm, troublemakers and enemies of the Republic,” said whistleblower Nzui Manto.

The man was unfortunately captured this Saturday by his colleague, the commander of the Makak brigade, to whom he admitted that it was indeed a method to get something to soak his tapioca.

N Melo
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