Cameroon cinema is boring – Kang Quintus Abuse home efforts

Cameroon cinema is boring – Kang Quintus Abuse home efforts

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May 27, 2022 0

Cameroon cinema is boring – Kang Quintus

• The producer of the film “The Fisherman’s Diary” gives his opinion on Cameroonian cinema

• For him, Cameroonian cinema is without particular taste

• Several Cameroonians share his opinion

Kang Quintus, the Cameroonian actor and producer believes that Cameroonian cinema is lacking lucidity, originality.

“Our film industry is boring. No juice, no entertainment for fans,” he wrote on his Facebook page.
Several have visibly shared this opinion and have also mentioned that Cameroonian directors and producers do substantially the same things, their works revolve around the same themes “When I think that there are stories of legends, great heroes, tales, African fables that our filmmakers could use to make a good film Americans and Europeans use their history and their legends and tales to make a good film, but we don’t. If only I had the means, ”commented a user.

Others also mentioned that luckily there are still some Cameroonian movies worth watching. “I took up the taste of Cameroonian cinema again with the film “L’accord”.

I recently watched this very good film which speaks of the realities of the evils that undermine our society at the Eden cinema and Canal Olympia, ”commented a subscriber. Another admitted that it was Noëlle Kenmoe’s film “April 2” that captured his attention.

Kang Quintus, born September 17, 1987 is a Cameroonian filmmaker. Kang Quintus played the role of Solomon in the critically acclaimed Cameroonian film “The Fisherman’s Diary”. The Fisherman’s diary recently earned five nominations at the 2020 Paris Art & Movie Awards, including: Best Actor – Kang Quintus; Best Picture – The Fisherman’s Diary; best director – Enah Johnscott; best soundtrack – Ewube and best producer – Kang Quintus.

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