Burned hospital in Mamfe: Ambazonians accuse the government with overwhelming evidence

Burned hospital in Mamfe: Ambazonians accuse the government with overwhelming evidence

N Melo
by N Melo
June 10, 2022 0

Burned hospital in Mamfe: Ambazonians accuse the government with overwhelming evidence

“Hospitals, churches, schools are no-go zones during war…”

• A fire ravaged a hospital

• It’s in the district of Mamfe

• Two sides blame each other

The hospital in the district of Mamfe was burnt down. Since then, everyone has been trying to find the perpetrators of this act, which has all the appearance of being criminal. Public opinion wants to understand the reasons behind the gesture. For a while, the Ambazonians were accused. In turn, they accuse the Cameroonian army.

Ambazonians have a reputation for being ruthless. But they assure that even in wartime, they know that there are infrastructures that must not be touched, such as a hospital. Therefore, they throw all the guilt on the Cameroonian armed forces. It was one of them, Mark Bareta, who stepped up to the plate.

Hospitals, churches, schools are forbidden areas during war. The Ambazonia forces inquired about this. However, we have seen a pattern in this common war. Every time Amba makes big wins, something terrible happens to Amba Black’s pain. The recent attack on Mamfe hospital is clear.

Cameroon/proxies engage in a communication/morality battle to keep their people in check as well as to neutralize any gains made by Amba. The neutralization of the nine (09) Cameroonian forces by the Amba needed a turnaround. Cameroon/their proxies found a match at Mamfe Hospital. Shame.

Serious fire at the Mamfe district hospital: we hold the ‘culprits’

The Anglophone crisis leaves more than one in fear and total hysteria to the point where they are perhaps even wrongly or through any act deemed criminal that has occurred on Cameroonian soil. The latest criminal act is not the least.

Indeed, the District hospital of Mamfe, a commune of Cameroon located in the South-West region and capital of the Manyu department, was reduced to ashes. The scene happened last night.

The images and videos received by the editorial staff of scop4.com testify to the violence of the fire. A violent fire ravaged several buildings of the Mamfe district hospital yesterday Wednesday, June 08, 2022, an area in the grip of a security crisis which has already claimed thousands of victims.

In terms of victims, the official toll not yet available, we know at least that 45 patients were narrowly saved thanks to the mobilization and transferred to the hospital of the local garrison, where they are taken in charge says CRTV. According to this same source, the flames, the origin of which is attributed to armed gangs, completely devastated, on the night of Wednesday June 08 to Thursday June 09, 2022, the Mamfe district hospital.

Informed, the prefect of the Manyu department Joseph Oum descended on the scene in the company of the defense and security forces. And according to the administrative authority, the structure would have received the unexpected visit of a group of armed men around 9 p.m. An investigation has been opened to establish the exact causes of the fire.

Previously, there were reports of comments that accuse the Ambazonian separatists on the one hand and the Cameroonian army on the other. “This hospital was burned by the Ambazonians”, declared a witness who is contradicted by a surfer who maintains that: “This hospital is located only between 300 to 400 meters from the Besongabang military base. How can this act be committed by ambaboys in the bushes? This is the job of the army and later the government will take IMF loans and embezzle”.

According to the newspaper of Cameroon, this health center is not the first to suffer the fury of the flames resulting from the barbarism of the armed men. On February 11, the district hospital of Kumba was a fire attributed to English-speaking separatists.

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