Brenda Biya and Maître Gims seen in a hotel in Paris

Brenda Biya and Maître Gims seen in a hotel in Paris

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May 26, 2022 0

Brenda Biya and Maître Gims seen in a hotel in Paris

The daughter of the Cameroonian head of state is currently in Paris. Brenda Biya would have gone to meet the very famous artist Master Gims.

Master Gims and Brenda Biya met in a hotel in France. They even posed for a photo. This photo which was rightly published on social networks has gone viral and raises questions.

In what context did Brenda Biya meet Master Gims? What are the two personalities up to? Is there a featuring project between the two? Is it a friendship, or a new romantic relationship? Be that as it may, Internet users go there with all the comments. After she was also seen with Nigerian Wizkid, its now Maitre Gims.

Cameroun : la petite fête de Brenda Biya qui fait jaser

Some even think that Maître Gims would be interested in the first daughter of Cameroon.

“Master GIMS spotted soliciting exposure for our Official Nasty King Brenda BIYA,” writes Slaybabe, a celebrity news platform.

Master Gims is not the only star to appear with Brenda Biya. In 2020, the daughter of the Head of State brought Nigerian star Wizkid to the presidential palace for a private show.

After the invitation of Kofi Olomidé and Singuila, Congolese artists to the celebration of the birthday of the first lady of Cameroon, in 2020, it was the turn of the Nigerian musician artist Wizkid to make Brenda Biya, the daughter of the Cameroonian President on Christmas Eve.

An event that Cameroonians did not fail to comment on the web. They condemn the presidential couple for sacrificing the happiness of the Cameroonian people at the expense of their pleasure.

They go so far as to imagine the staggering sum that the Nigerian artist will receive from this private concert in Etoudi. A sum that can save lives in the far north, or refugees from the English-speaking crisis, they assure.

Brenda Biya, present at the concert, dressed sexy with blond hair, had a good time with Wizkid, dancing, chatting, titillating.

As for the first lady, she always loves her festive social events in Etoudi. A way, surely for he

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