Breaking news: Emile Parfait Simb to be given an international warrant of arrest

Breaking news: Emile Parfait Simb to be given an international warrant of arrest

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June 16, 2022 0

Breaking news: Emile Parfait Simb to be given an international warrant of arrest

A promise is a debt

A promise is a debt, as the saying goes. Billionaire Emile Parfait Simb is not going to deviate from this very popular saying. According to the lawyers of the victims of his ‘swindle’, there will soon be an international arrest warrant against Emile Parfait Simb. An initiative of Me Dominique Fousse, lawyer for the victims and Rodrigue Suffo, reveals Actu Cameroun.

The lawyers Dominique Fousse and Rodrigue Suffo represent, let us recall, part of the clients of LIYEPLIMAL to whom Emile Parfait Simb would have stolen nearly 5 billion CFA francs for a case of cryptocurrency.

According to information provided by the whistleblower Boris Bertolt, the controversial Cameroonian businessman Emile Parfait Simb, who has been on the run for several days, will make a stopover in Douala before heading to Russia. The man, who holds a Central African diplomatic passport, is traveling as a “special advisor to the president of the National Assembly” of the CAR. No provision has been made in Cameroon to arrest Simb, who is actively sought.

“The plane that will take him back to Russia should leave Douala on Saturday night. Emile Parfait Simb, who is being prosecuted in Cameroon for fraud involving tens of billions of dollars, has acquired Central African nationality and has been appointed special advisor to the President of the National Assembly. The latter is reputed to be close to the Cameroonian Madoff and is said to have taken shares in Simb’s companies in the Central African Republic,” reports Boris Bertolt.

The involvement of Faustin Touadera

If more and more Cameroonians doubt the moral probity of the Central African president, it is because he has turned his country into a rear base for alleged Cameroonian criminals. Far from living in CAR as exiles, these people prosecuted for serious offenses in Cameroon hold important positions in the CAR state machinery and are all given Central African diplomatic passports.

The most recent case is that of Emile Parfait Simb. Wanted in Cameroon for having swindled tens of billions of CFA francs from his compatriots, he fled Cameroon while legal proceedings were underway. According to the revelations of journalist Remy Ngono, he received personal support from the Central African president to cross the border by road. Once he arrived in Bangui, Parfait Emile Simb, who already had a Central African diplomatic passport, was sent on a mission to Russia as special advisor to the president of the National Assembly.

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